What to do When Your Girlfriend is Mad at you

5. What She Wants:

The best way to make an apology for what you did is to understand what she really wants from you. Sit next to her and ask things she is mad at you for and what you can do to make the things go right again. Just stay close to her, but remember that you don’t eat up her space. Listen to what she is trying to explain and what she expects from you. Try making her laugh and entertain her with a romantic song that you always dedicate her. Offer her with some help at work and make her notice that you are sorry for your mistake.

What She Wants

6. Promise Her:

Past cannot be changed, but the things that you will do today will surely design your future. Therefore, you need to explain your girlfriend that the things which have gone wrong in the past cannot be fixed now. However, you can promise her that such things won’t be repeated again in future. An understanding girlfriend will certainly consider this promise as your apology and will give you another chance in relationship.

Promise Her

7. Surprise Her:

This tip won’t be applicable on the fight day, but can surely be tried after a whole night when she would have thought about your mistake and apology. Visit her the next day and carry along a red rose bouquet with an apology card in it. Get down on your knees hand over the flowers to her and fell sorry while holding your ears.  Let her that you have planned a day out with her and have romantic plans like movie, lunch and lots of shopping. This is one offer a girl won’t refuse and certainly help you with broken relationship.

Surprise Her

The above mentioned tips will surely help you to make things going better with your girlfriend. However, you need to keep certain things in mind when you girl is mad at you.

What to Do When Your Girlfriend is Mad at You

  1. In such scenarios you should never deny if there are things that can be easily worked on.
  2. You should never ignore to anything that she says because girls keep a record and meaning behind everything they say.
  3. In such matters, you should never try and get physical with her as it will only make the situation worse.
  4. Let her speak her mind and try to be good listener with interacting with her.
  5. Don’t compare the situation with your past relationship and never discuss about you ex.
  6. Similarly, never let the talks slip towards the family as it will only make the situations worse.
  7. Don’t just avoid her talks while sitting with your laptop r watching television.
  8. Never bring arguments from the previous fights and try to take her anger with calm.
  9. Stop asking repetitive questions and try making her smile with romantic talks
  10. Never point her mistakes while talking and show her that you really appreciate her thoughts.
  11. Show her the importance you think she has in your life. 
  12. You should never call her friend discussing the problem and avoid asking for any kind of help from her.
  13. Make her feel special with surprising plans like a romantic dinner or a surprise get away.
  14. Promise her with the words of men as you will make genuine attempts to overcome the previous mistake.

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