Sure-shot Ways of Getting Your Old Job Back

7. Keep a Contingency Plan Ready

This is also very significant because it is not necessary that they will take you back. So, don’t jump at the slightest hint of positivity and apply for resignation at your current workplace. Make sure that everything has fallen in place before you file your resignation letter. Also, apply for other companies because it is not a guarantee that you will get your old job back. Moreover, you never know what lies in store for you. You might bag a much better position at a different company than your own.

Keep a Contingency Plan Ready

Things you must think about

The steps that we have described above tell you how to get your old job back but before you put your action-plan in practice, you must also think about these aspects.

1. Ask Yourself do you Really Want to go Back

Many a time it happens that people make hasty decisions regarding their old job. May be you haven’t given enough time to your present job, but just being impulsive and anxious. So, take your time and think in detail if it is the right thing to do or not.

Ask Yourselfdo you Really Want to go Back

2. Check out Whether you are Being Rational or Escapist

Every new job requires patience and willingness on your part to teach you to fit in. If you have left your old job, the new job is certainly going to come with a new set of responsibilities that are bigger and more demanding. So, you must give it time. If you want to return back just because you are not ready to put in efforts and cannot mold yourself according to the new environment, you cannot go much longer in your old job either.

Check out Whether you are Being Rational or Escapist

3. Do you Really Feel That the Past is Going to be Your Future

It also happens that people do not seek out challenges which they are capable of and make the mistake of reverting to their comfort zone. Of course, your past job seems like a better opportunity but may be you haven’t explored enough options or the right options. So, go for them and it might happen that you will find out a fitting opportunity for yourself.

Do you Really Feel That the Past is Going to be Your Future

4. Introspect in Detail

This is a must. You must ask yourself why did you leave in the first place? Was it for better package or for growth? Did you have a problem with your supervisor or you could not get along with your boss? Whatever the reason, you must find it out because only then you can make the right decision to return back or stay or to start looking for other options.

Introspect in Detail

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