How to get a Guy to Kiss you: The Sure-shot Success Formula

6. Touch him:

Since it is your first date, your boyfriend will hesitate to touch you without your hint. So, it is important for you to take an initiative and give your partner a soft touch. You can do it when you both are walking. It is the appropriate time to come closer to him and touch your hands with his. This touch will definitely arouse his strong feelings for you. He won’t be able to stop himself from kissing you.

Touch Him

7. Make him Pay Attention to Your Lips:

Lips are one of the most important parts of a woman’s face. You can attract a guy towards you through this beautiful part. So, when you are on a date with your boyfriend, and want to incite him to kiss you, make him see your lips by doing various activities. Try to get his attention by applying a lip balm on it, let the chocolate drip onto your lips. These activities with your lips will definitely incite him to touch and kiss you.

Make Him Pay Attention to Your Lips

8. Use a Trick:

It is also an interesting and easy way to get your guy come closer to you. Ask him the color of your eyes, and so many other tricks that will get him within kissing distance. Play a trick of falling towards him, so that he may touch you. All these tricks are very interesting and romantic that you might also have seen in the movies. When he will touch your body, it will automatically incite him to kiss you.

Use a Trick

9. Make Eye Contact:

It is also an interesting and romantic way to get a guy kiss you. When looks at you, make an eye contact with him, and break it with a blushing smile. If that guy is interested in you, he will definitely understand this hint, and will kiss you without wasting time.

Make Eye Contact

10. Dance with Him:

Dancing is again a good way to come closer to your boyfriend. Play soft and romantic songs, and propose him to dance with you. Hold his hands, and let him touch your body. This touch will arouse his feelings for you, and he will grow crazy to kiss you passionately.

Dance With Him

11. Ask him to Kiss:

If you have tried all the hints to get him kiss you, ask him directly to do it. It is better to be straight forward. You will get the answer immediately. However, if he is not interested to kiss you, don’t force him. It will demean your image in his eyes.

Ask Him to Kiss

12. Kiss him:

If you feel that the guy doesn’t seem to get the hints, don’t wait for him to kiss you. Instead, take an initiative, and kiss him. He might have been hesitating, and waiting for your move. It will be the biggest hint to incite him. Once he gets the idea of what is going on inside you, he will fulfill your all desires.

Kiss Him


In the final analysis, it can be said that romance is the best way of expressing one’s love for his or her partner. It is also a necessity of a relationship. Generally, boys take this initiative, and girls also wait for their move. They feel shy to express such desires to their partners, especially in new relationships. However, you don’t need to feel shy, as there are various ways to get a guy kiss you. You can take him to a lonely place, touch his hands and make and break eye contacts with him. Besides, you should play smart tricks with him to get closer to him, and touch his body. This touch will definitely incite his feelings, and he won’t be able to stop himself from kissing you. Also, try to make him pay attention to your lips by doing naughty activities with them. All these ideas will definitely help you to get your guy kiss you.

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