How to get a Guy to Kiss you: The Sure-shot Success Formula

Have you ever dreamt of your first kiss with that special guy? Well, expressing such desires is not a tough task for those girls who are frank and straight forward. On the other hand, it can be a big deal for shy women. However, there are various ways that can help or tell you how to get a guy to kiss you but it also depends upon how your make your guy react on you.

No one can deny the fact that romance is the most important part of a relationship. It is believed to be the language of love. Kissing a guy means you love that person so much, and it is the way to express your love for him. The first kiss of a woman’s life is always memorable for her. You might also have dreamt of having that first kiss at the most romantic place. So, if you had a crush on a guy, and now you are on the first date with him, don’t miss this golden opportunity. It is the right time to make your dream come true. Give him small hints that you are interested in having a kiss with him. Be frank with him, and let him know how passionate you are to kiss him. These small hints will clear his doubts, and he will not hesitate to touch and kiss you. It will make your first date memorable for you, and will also bring twist in your newly started relationship.

Now question arises what are those hints that will help you to get your boyfriend kiss you. To get more ideas on how to attract him towards you, go through this article. It will surely help you to strengthen your relationship.

1. Dress Well:

It is the first step to attract a guy towards you. Wear a sexy, but pretty dress, and do light make up on your face. Make your lips kissable by applying a glowing lip balm on them. When you will present yourself dressed in a brilliant manner, he won’t be able to stop himself from kissing your soft and pink lips.

Dress Well

2. Make Sure your Breaths Smell Sweet:

When you go on a date, don’t forget to brush your teeth and tongue. Make sure that your breaths smell good. If you have still some doubts, try a mouth freshener. Also, spray a perfume on your body, and a little bit on your lips too, so that you may breathe sweetly. This sweet fragrance will surely incite your boyfriend come closer to you.

Make Sure Your Breaths Smell Sweet

3. Get him Alone:

Another big hint to get your boyfriend to kiss you is taking him to a lonely place. Make sure to go to a place that is romantic, and where no one can disturb you. Since boys are smart enough to understand such hints, he will not miss this opportunity to kiss you.

Get Him Alone

4. Don’t be Restrictive:

If you will impose several restrictions on your boyfriend, he will hesitate to touch you. He will not even think of kissing you. It will make your first date very boring. To avoid such chances, you are advised to be liberal with him. Also, try to come closer to him, if you feel that he is hesitating. It will incite him to take an initiative.

Don’t be Restrictive

5. Lean and Smile:

Sometimes, silence works more than words. You should also incite your boyfriend by doing romantic activities. Look at his face, lean and smile in a blushing manner.

Lean and Smile

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