Get Along with Your Mother-in-Law Easily

Marriage is not just the meeting up of two souls, but it is also meeting up of two different worlds. The problem that most couples face after marriage has got nothing to do with the compatibility issue among them. The problem of compatibility comes when you have to adjust or become friendly with your spouse’s parents, especially the mother. You might have heard of people complaining about their mother-in laws.  They say they try to be compatible, but the truth is they just try to compromise. One needs and has to understand that compromise is not the solution to every problem.

If you are someone who is wondering how to strike a good relationship with your mother- in law, then this article will help you in doing so. The basic rule to begin any relationship has to be love. By compromising you can fool yourself for some time, but on the longer run it will not work. Most people are depressed, sad, and broken because they have not fought with a bad situation, they have compromised. They might have accepted it, but not fully. If you want to know how to get along with your mother- in law easily, then you should have love for her. Without it all your efforts will go in vain.

Mentioned below are some ways in which you can get along with your mother-in law easily.


1. Be Patient:

A patient approach is very important if you want to get along with your mother- in law well. Some mothers- in laws can be sweet, some can be really tough to handle, but as they say, nothing is impossible for a person who knows how to be patient in the worst of times.  You may be wondering how to handle the pressure you face in dealing with your mother-in law.

You need to be patient in order to have a loving and caring kind of relationship with her. You need to be patient as you continue to make efforts to become friendly with her. Even if at times you lose, don’t give up. You need to be very genuine and your intentions should be very positive. Remember, patience is a virtue observed by few!

2. Be Polite:

One of the main points that you need to remember always is that you be polite always. It might that at times you may not be at fault, but even then if you have to make a point, be very polite in your approach.  Your words should not be offensive. In all the ways, always remember the purpose. The main purpose is to strike a balanced relationship with your mother-in law.

You need to remember the purpose and let your approach be accordingly. At times, it might be hard to keep the mouth shut when someone keeps nagging you, but a polite approach will do wonders and will also make the other person realise her mistakes.

3. Be Positive:

A positive attitude is a must if you are aiming higher. The relationship with the mother-in laws is not always smooth. But one needs to remember the old saying, ‘a smooth sea never made a skilled mariner!’ A positive attitude will help you win lot of battles that goes on in the mind. Always try to be positive, even when the situations are not going in your favor.

A positive approach can change the course of situations. Continue to aim for a good relationship with your mother-in law and things will get better.

4. Look for the Good:

Everyone is bestowed with some good qualities and some negative qualities. Look for the virtues in your mother-in-law and praise her for that. We all love to be appreciated for the virtues we possess and so does your mother-in-law. Concentrating at her positive points will keep you and your mother-in-law happy and will help in maintaining a good relation.

Praise her for good habits and ignore the bad qualities. Make sure you thank her often for giving you a lovely spouse.

5. Get to Know Her:

A good idea to maintain a healthy relationship is by spending time with your mother-in-law and getting to know her. Like everyone she has some experiences in life and has learnt some valuable lessons. Take out quality time with her and ask her questions about her life. You will come to know the reason for her behavior and also realise that she cares for your spouse as much as you do.

Talk to her openly and make her a part of your life by involving her in small things like taking her help in baking a cake. This way she will feel special and wanted.

6. Give her Gifts:

A gift is a very special way of showing your care and it will show that you have taken out time and efforts to make your mother-in-law feel special. Make a personalised gift for her, it could be a handmade rug or a cake especially baked for her. Little acts of love will go a long way in improving your relationship with your mother-in-law.

7. Give her Space:

Let your mother-in-law have time with her child and do not always hover around them. You must understand that she deserves quality time with her child and they both need their personal time. Do not compete with your mother-in-law, she might make the best cookies in the world but you do not have to outdo her. Don’t be bossy and don’t restrict your kids from spending time with their grandmother. Doing this will make you and your mother-in-law happy.

8. Include her:

You might not like your mother-in-law much but remember the goal is to get along with her and hence it is important to include her in your lives and activities like holidays, family dinner, festivals etc. when you go out on vacations, take her along and make sure she gets to spend good time with your spouse and grandchildren. This will make her think good of you and improve your relationship with your mother-in-law. Invite her to family dinners and Christmas celebrations.

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