Easy Ways How to Gain Weight Fast for Women

8. Avoid Junk Foods:

Junk foods may be good in taste, but they are not at all healthy. Junk foods like burger, pizza, chips etc. contain trans fats, and no nutrients. They can make you look fat from outside, but not actually. So, avoid such foods that are tasty but not good for your health.

Avoid Junk Foods

9. Eat More Fruits:

Fruits contain essential nutrients like calorie, carbohydrates and water. Eating more and more fruits is the best idea to gain weight and remain healthy. Fruits like apple, banana, avocado and grapefruit contain a high level of calorie, carbohydrates and water. Besides, all fruits contain many vitamins and minerals, making them the most important part of a healthy food. You might have heard a famous saying, an apple a day keeps you away from doctor. Thus, fruits are very good for health, and they also help you to gain balanced weight.

Eat More Fruits

10. Rest Well:

Taking eight hours of sleep each night is necessary to remain healthy. It is equally important for both weight gainers and losers. For those who want gain weight, taking adequate rest and sleep gain muscle weight faster. It further helps your body to gain weight very fast. It also keeps your skin fresh, healthy and glowing.

Rest Well:

11. Eat Late at Night:

Those who are fat are always advised not to eat after 7 pm. Opposite to it; you should take a heavy meal at late night, if you want to gain weight. Also, eat high calorie snacks after late night dinner. It will help you to consume more calories than your body burns.

Eat Late at Night

12. High Calorie Drinks:

If you are a thin woman, it means your stomach has a space that is occupied by zero calorie water or diet sodas. It will not help you to gain weight. To accomplish this, you need to fill that space with high calorie drinks. You can try mixed juices, whole milk, chocolate milk, shakes, smoothies, soda and sports drinks. Also, drink a full glass of any of these drinks with each meal. It will make your food complete and quite health.

High Calorie Drinks

13. Limit Excess Physical Activities:

Doing a lot of physical work means your body is burning more calories than you are consuming. In order to fill this gap, firstly you need to consume more and more calorie food, and secondly, you should limit excess activities. Most of the women spend their whole time at home while doing various tasks. It is good to be active, but excess physical work will burn important calories that you need to grow. So, try to limit your physical activities, and take proper rest.

Limit Excess Physical Activities

14. Do Exercises:

Doing physical exercises is equally important for both fat and thin people. If we talk about those who want to gain weight, they should exercise every day. It will help them build muscles mass, which further helps your body to gain weight quickly. It also keeps you fit, fine and active. Yoga is equally important to remain healthy or fit and fine.

Do Exercises

15. Eat Boiled Potatoes:

Potatoes contain high carbohydrates. Eating one potato each night will help you to gain weight quickly, as your body can’t burn it off at night. There are many varieties of healthy potatoes such as sweet potatoes that are great remedy for weight gain.

Eat Boiled Potatoes


In the final analysis, we must say that being underweight is very dangerous for health, as it can cause various major problems. Often, women do a lot of physical activities every day. It causes their body burn more calories than they consume, and which are very important to grow. In order to make balance, they need to consume more and more calories, by eating high calorie food. They should also take adequate rest and sleep. In addition, you should eat high protein food such as fish, meat, nuts and eggs to gain weight quickly. Doing exercises, limiting physical activities, eating late at night, avoiding junk and fast food are also some other tips to gain weight.

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