Funny Questions to Ask People

We all are stung by the bug of curiosity. It is very normal for people to ask questions to others in order to know them. Many times, unintentionally we step over the boundary and hurt others by asking questions. There are weird questions, there are intriguing questions, there are hurting questions and then there are funny questions. If you are wondering about some funny questions to ask people, then you are at the right spot. Funny questions will not only tickle their funny bone, but also make the other person comfortable with you. It is very important for the other person to be comfortable with you; because it is only then will they answer you.

Funny questions are a great way of getting to know people. You might be going on a date or joining a new office etc. When we are with people whom we don’t know personally, we tend to stay silent which gives a very wrong impression to other people. Imagine saying nothing at all on your date or on your first day in the office. When you strike a conversation with people, make sure it is not long and dull. Don’t ask personal question from the first day onwards. Try to make other people comfortable with you, so that they are comfortable in talking to you. You can make people comfortable with you with a good sense of humour.

Mentioned below are some funny questions that are sure to help you to bond well with others.

Funny questions to ask people

1. Questions about Philosophy

Mostly people appear to be more philosophical than they actually are. Some questions can be really intriguing and thought provoking, while most of the times they are unwanted. Different people have different philosophies which are at times, baseless. When you are in the company of people, try not to make the conversation too serious by talking about philosophical things. But, if you still want to talk or question about philosophy, then how about some funny questions, like,

If the entire world is one big stage, then where does the audience sit?

2. Questions about Life

We all have our own set of questions about life. But talking about serious things or issues makes us lose what we want the most; life! A good sense of hum-our can change our approach towards life. Instead of making fuss about everything, we can understand things better and also handle them in a better way. You can ask people some funny questions about life and at the same time giving them something to think about it, without making the situation serious. You can ask questions like,

What is wrong with United States? They have only two options for President, but fifty for                                                                   Miss America!

3. Questions about Music

Music plays a very vital role in our lives. Music is everywhere around us. We have our own opinion when it comes to music. Like every other aspect of life, people too have a lot to say about music. Some call music their life, while for others it is just a way of recreation. People can talk about their favorite artist to the genre that defines them. Instead of jumping into the conversation by talking about favorite band or artist, you can ask them some funny questions about music. Questions like,

Do I listen to pop music because I’m miserable or am I miserable because listen to pop music?

4. Questions about Love

Though the definition of love is different for everyone, we all seem to be pondering on the same question. Usually, people get very emotional while speaking about love. If you are on a date or with your colleagues, you don’t want things to get serious. You want things to be normal and light, then you can make sure of that by your good sense of humor. If you have to talk about love at all or ask any question about love, then try to ask questions that are funny. Questions like,

If love is blind, then why is lingerie so popular?

5. Questions about Sports

Now this is something we all agree on; sports. We all have our favorite teams and athletes. When you are in the company of people, you can ask them or simply talk to them about sports. The topic of sports is such that it will help you to connect with everyone. Your conversation can range from the latest news about sports to the legends that you admire the most. Every now and then, in between your conversation you put up a funny question about sports that will make people appreciate your sense of humor. Questions like,

What would you say to a golfer if you were a golf ball and you could speak?

6. Questions about Education

We all know the importance of education in life. When we talk in general with our friends or colleagues we tend to take this conversation towards a very serious tone. With youths dropping out of schools and colleges, we just cannot avoid the seriousness this topic demands. But, a good sense of hum-our will lighten the situation and at the same time not hurt anyone. If somehow this topic was started and you can see that the situation is getting very serious, then you can just pop up a funny question and make everyone laugh. Questions like,

Is the word “dictionary” in the dictionary?

7. Questions about Time

Is time a friend or a cruel enemy? Though this question is more philosophical, it still haunts the minds of people who are not into philosophy. Whenever the question about time occurs, people are often filled with regrets about things they wished they had or had not done. The topic of time is such that it always sets the tone very serious. People often complain about not managing their time properly and then get all negative about life. A good sense of humour is sure to take away all the negativity. You can ask funny questions about time like,

What if you don’t have time for a time management course?

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