Funny Get Well Messages

The stress and strain of pulling on from one day to another can oftentimes adversely affect our wellbeing. Most of us are putting in longer hours at work that is compelling us to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. This is resulting in our falling sick or getting bedridden owing to an ailment. There are a lot of other factors as well that could lead to a viral infection or disease forcing us to stay put at home.

During such times, you’re in low spirits as you are unable to lead a normal life. Despite your willingness, you’re not able to pull yourself out of bed owing to your illness. In other words, you simply feel down and out throughout the period of your illness. Furthermore, the convalescing phase does not seem to come to an end and it feels that you’ll take a lifetime to get back to working ways.

For the duration of your infirmity or sickness if someone close to you pays you a visit or sends across a funny or hilarious get-well message, you really seem to cheer up. A high-spirited rejuvenating and revivifying note or message from a close friend or relation of yours really expedites the process of recuperation. There are so many ways of conveying a recuperative message that can go a long way in accelerating the healing up process.

You can always send an e-card or personally design a get-well card with the latest technological tools of animation and multimedia. Thereafter, you can fill it up with the best of quotations and funniest of jokes and anecdotes that’ll have your friend or relative (who’s unwell) in splits. Pithy quotes and small quips that are hilarious are perfect ways of cheering up someone who’s down with a fever or illness.

The power of words in revitalizing an ailing individual can be put into effect if the words are arranged in a manner so as to have a side-splitting and heartening effect. If your humorous and mirthful get-well messages can bring the smile back on the face of someone who’s depressed because of his or her illness, nobody would be more delighted than you. So the next time, an ailment the gets the better of you or someone close to you falls sick, you can add the following Funny get well messages to your list of get well messages or text them across.


  1. Take your illness in your stride by approaching it in an optimistic and positive manner. Think of your ailment as an opportunity in disguise to lie down, take rest, and relax.
  2. Just liken your ailment to a half-filled glass of water and not a half-empty glass. Just imagine the kind of attention you get from one and all as everybody offers his or her words of consolation. Moreover, the fact that there is simply no pressure of getting back to work is like the icing on the cake.
  3. All those who’re hale and hearty are surely unlucky in one way. They miss out on the humour and hilarity of the jokes and quips in the get well cards and messages.
  4. “I am really jealous of you my friend. I just can’t tolerate the fact that you lay all sprawled up, being caressed by gorgeous nurses without even having to get out of bed. Just look at me, don’t you think I too deserve to fall sick?”
  5. Read health books with great alacrity. A typographical error or misprint could result in your death.
  6. You really ought to take care of yourself in a better way because I want to you to live long.
  7. Let your aspirins turn to kisspirins and paracetamols to loveacetamols so that you can get well with Godspeed.
  8. Illness is one of Nature’s ways of sending the message across to you that you should lie down on your back.
  9. Have you ever wondered that even at the height of your illness, you can comprehend a physician’s invoice but never understand his prescriptions?
  10. Warning sign for pharmaceuticals and drug companies:-Hilarious get well messages can eat into their markets and bring down their sales.
  11. Sick people should be kept in isolation. They tend to make healthy people feel as if their well being is in vain.
  12. Thank God, you’re sick Mama. I’ll be relieved from listening to your tedious advices all day long and your shouting at me for at least some days. Anyway don’t take any offence as you’re the one that I love the most in this world. And get well soon, Ma.
  13. I am really feeling sorry for you since you haven’t been keeping well. I keep praying for your quick recovery almost every day.
  14. Although I know that your falling ill was something beyond your control, I just cannot accept the fact that a nice person like you should suffer in this way.
  15. You better get well soon or I’m going to come over to your place and give you a good whacking so that you’re up on your feet. Get well quickly buddy as I’m hugely missing you.
  16. Apart from taking your medicines and meals at proper times, there’s one prescription that I’d like to write for you. Always think positively and laugh as much as you can.
  17. I always felt that you were as strong and healthy as Superman. Your falling sick brought me down to earth. I finally realized that you’re as human as I am. Nevertheless, I am praying to God that you go back to being like a Superman.
  18.  Look at the bright side of cooling your heels in a hospital. Your meals are served in your bed. Nevertheless, that is no reason for you to stay holed up in a hospice so get well soon.
  19. Let the messages in my get-well card act as catalysts in accelerating the process of your convalescence.
  20. Opinion polls and surveys have indicated that sick and ailing persons who get a very personalized get well e-card or get well messages have a faster rate of recovery. So my get well message is punctuated with that belief and I’m sure it will help you to put you on the fast road to healing.
  21. Telling you to get well quickly wouldn’t be quick enough. Therefore I fervently wish that you get well right now.
  22. You’re so congenial and affable that even viruses and bacteria can’t seem to do without you. I sincerely hope that you become a little unpleasant and nasty at least to keep yourself out of harm’s way.
  23. I can well feel the void within you as you lay bedridden. Besides giving you this get well card, I would suggest you to surround yourself with positive and uplifting thoughts. Shape your thoughts with words like ‘hope’, ‘strength’, ‘peace’, ‘faith’, ‘comfort’, ‘care’, and ‘concern’. Don’t allow yourself to be preoccupied with thoughts of illness, surgery, treatment, ailment, and so on.
  24. Enjoy your stay in the hospital and don’t worry about a thing. I’ll take care of everything in your home.
  25.  I simply find it hard to believe that you’re sick. You surely must have missed your daily dose of apple.
  26. I really find it incredulous that a brat like you could fall sick. You seem so out of place in the hospital. Just get well with Godspeed and get out soon.

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