Funny Dare to Give a Person on Facebook for Classic Entertainment

Life holds no meaning if there is no fun in it. Fun is very much like a lifeline for every soul and hence, one always looks out for ways and means to bring fun in one’s life. However, our busy lives and growing tendency to remain glued to social networking sites keep many of us from having fun with friends and family. We know you try very hard to break free from this tendency to stay glued to Facebook and Twitter but you just can’t seem to avoid it. Facebook has become a sort of family member that comes with a good number of friends as well. So, why not have some fun with this family member that comes with so many friends?

You are already having a good deal of it but if you want to make it interesting and challenging, you must resort to some cool tricks. One such trick is related with funny dares. Dares can bring a person out of his comfort zone and make him do things that challenge his skills and qualities. They are a kind of games that guarantee fun in a peculiar interesting way. The outcome of dares is sheer fun to revel in and you can also indulge in them on Facebook. If you can find a funny dare to give a person on Facebook you can have lots of fun without moving out. Want to get the hang of these funny dares? Go through the list we have created below.

1. Ask Your Friend to Change his Facebook Status

A status is the most potent thing that you can try for a funny dare. Ask your friend to change their status to something weird such as ‘Feeling suicidal’ or ‘I lost my job’ or ‘I broke with my girlfriend/boyfriend’. You can use your creativity and intellect to add more spice to these questions. Such status updates are bound to result in comments that will have you in splits. Just watch out the sympathy wave that follows after an update like ‘feeling suicidal’. The one who has made it would be flooded with messages and comments filed with warnings, preaching and sympathy. It would be fun for sure.

Ask Your Friend to Change his Facebook Status

2. Change Your Profile Picture to Something Weird or Funny

Your Facebook profile picture says a lot about you and is the first thing that people notice when they search for you. It means that the picture is a kind of virtual identity card for you and if you ask someone to change it to funny or weird, it is a classic dare that comes with loads of fun attached to it. Juts see the comments after your friend has dared to do such a thing. There will be all kinds of comments ranging from humorous to derogatory but they will be fun, no doubt. So, try it out.

Change your Profile Picture to Something Weird or Funny

3. Tag Your Boss or Professor in a Funny Picture

There are many people on Facebook whose bosses and professors are in their friends list. So, this dare is for such souls. Ask them to upload a picture that makes fun of their boss or professor. For ex, you can ask your friend to upload a picture of a group of monkeys and then tag himself as well his boss in it. This will invariably get the friend who dares to do so into some kind of trouble but don’t worry he will not be fired. Those who have it in them to manage dares will certainly go for it.  You can ask a friend to do a similar thing with their professor. The fun that unfolds further will come in the form of hilarious comments and the scene where this particular friend will be taken to task by his professor or boss.

Tag your Boss or Professor in a Funny Picture

4. Upload Your Funny Ugly Pictures

This is another kind of dare that is sure to bring you fun and entertainment. All of us have certain snapshots in which we are looking like an idiot. We don’t delete it from our archives because our sentiments and memories are associated with it but when it comes to making them public on a platform like Facebook very few dare to go ahead. So, this can easily qualify as a funny dare and bring you a fair amount of fun. Don’t think no one will stand up to this dare because there are many who want to show their bold side without realizing that it can lead to them becoming  a butt of joke.

Upload your Funny Ugly Pictures

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