Fun Icebreaker Games for Kids

Planning a party for your adult bunch? Are they going to bring their kids along too? Is this the first time your kids are going to meet these bunch of kids? Well, it is really difficult to keep the kids entertained. Unlike their elders, they don’t like talking and idle gossip at all. They are happy sitting in a corner with their gadgets. But, you don’t want your kids to be rude and impolite. You wish for these kids to mix around so that they are a lot less trouble for you. But kick-starting a conversation between these kids is going to be a difficult affair. So, how exactly can you get this done? You could plan some games, those ice breaker fun games that would kick-start the perfect conversation among these kids. Once this begins, you can relax and unwind with your group not worrying about these kids.

icebreaker games for kids

1. Fun with Musical Chairs

You all must have played this game as a kid. All you need is a couple of chairs and music to get this game started. Arrange the chairs such that two consecutive chairs would face alternate directions. Once the chairs are arranged, get one kid to play the drums. You could have the other kids move around the chairs. When the music stops the kids have to grab the nearest chair and sit. There would be several who would not get even a single chair. They would be out of the game. This is indeed the best ice breaker game ever.

2. The Indoor Basketball

You would need some real good games to keep the kids active. One brilliant game that can keep the kids entertained is the indoor basketball. You just need a ball and a plastic made basket for this game. This basket can be kept on some height using a plastic stick. The kids can attempt to throw the ball in the basket. Decide the number of turns to be awarded to each kid. The kid who manages the highest number of basket in the given number of turns would be declared winner. If there is competition, you would find the kids actively

Looking out for indoor game ideas? Here’s one more for you! You can get a ball and a basket that is hung on a stick. Ask the kids to sit on the chairs and throw the ball into the basket. Each kid is given some time to throw the ball into the basket. The number of times his ball enters the basket is counted. Same thing is repeated for the other kids as well. The winner would be one who has tossed the ball in maximum number of times. Interesting and fun, this game is!

3. The Treasure Hunt Game

Childhood’s best memory! Why not share this memory with these kids as well? Find a thing that you can convert to treasure and hide it. Make some chits containing clues and hide them. These clues will direct the kid towards the treasure. You can start by handing out the first clue. This game can be played in two ways. One way is that one large group where every kid searches for the clues individually. Second, you can divide the kids into two groups and get them to compete with each other. This game is the best one if you are trying to break the ice between the kids.

4. Hospital Tag

Hospital tag is one interesting game that is popularly played among kids. You could get one kid to become Mr. Yuk. This kid would run behind the others and try to catch them and tag them. If he manages to tag any kid more than two times, the kid tagged by Mr. Yuk would be out of the game. If a kid is tagged say two times by Mr. Yuk, that kid can clear his wounds. You would find the kids squealing and running away. This is a noisy game.

5. The Chain Tagging

In this game the first kid would become the chain maker. He would have to run behind the others and try to catch them and tag them. When the chain maker tags the other kids, these tagged kids would have to join hands with the chain maker to form a chain to catch the remaining kids. The game gets over when all the kids are tagged. It is really difficult to move around in a chain. The kids who are trying to save themselves from getting tagged would squeal and shout when they see the chain running towards them. You would find more happiness and entertainment watching these kids. This fun game is indeed meant to kick-start conversations among kids.

6. The Memory Game

Make these kids sit in a round circle. You start a word. The kid who begins from there has to build a word that starts with the letter your word ended from. But, the fun does not end here. That kid has to memorize your word and, when he is about to say his word he has to first say your word then, his word! This is a classic case of memory building. If the 10th kid is to build a word, he has to repeat the 9 words that were said before his and then say his word. This game not only engages the kids but, also increases their concentration levels. You would find kids trying to cheat or catch hold of the others who are trying to cheat. This is indeed a terrific ice breaker.

7. The Crafting Games

Get some basic craft papers and glitter and, ask the kids to make some nice book out of it. You can divide them into small groups or, give it to them individually. You would be amazed at the way they get to work and, engage themselves. You could get them to work in groups.

For kids, games are the best way to break the ice. You can always build up from these games and, create something for them.

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