Fun Activities for Toddlers at Home

The arrival of a new member in your family marks the beginning of responsibility. When you have a baby, your needs and your wants take a back seat and the child becomes the priority. But, as the child grows, their wants and their needs also changes with time. The age between 1 to 4 years is usually the age of learning. This is the age when children are at their most playful stage. Fun activities for toddlers at home can be a very daunting task if you have no idea about it.

fun toddler games

Children just want to play. They can’t sit at a place quietly. The most active age of 1 to 4 years is the time when they discover new things and learn new things. Planning a fun activity for them has to be done with precision. While planning their activities, make sure you involve those activities from which they not only get to play and pass time but, also learn something very important. Home is a place from where children learn and apply the first lessons in their life.  According to doctors, till 5 years of age, a child can grasp maximum things and also remember them all his/her life. Thus it becomes very important to keep them engaged in productive work, which entertains a child and also exercise his/her brain.

Working mothers or mothers who work from home, find it hard to involve their child in fun activities.  Here are some ideas to keep your toddler involved but it be will a must for you to spend some time instructing and helping the child to play these games. When the child gets involved, you can slowly move away. Try these easy activities at home:

1. Water Spray:

This is a fun way of keeping a child involved. On warm sunny days, you can fill an empty spray bottle with water and teach him/her to spray the water using index finger. Your child will enjoy this activity and will also find it fun. The only problem will be that the house will get wet.

Another way of keeping your tiny tot busy is by filling the spray bottle with a little surf and water. When the child sprays it, he/she will see bubbles and this will make him/her happy.

2. Sponge Activity:

On a hot day, this is the best way to keep a child busy. Sponges are fun and your baby will have a great time playing with them.  Give your child a sponge dipped in water and teach him/her to squeeze it with fingers.  This is an easy activity and will give you time-out too.

The only problem can be of your home getting wet and dirty. Also be careful that the kid does not put the sponge in his/her mouth.

3. Cut-Out Shapes:

Cutting out shapes is a fun activity for children through which they not only enjoy but also learn about various shapes. Take a thick card or paper and cut out different shapes like cat face, dog, rabbit etc. Punch the boundary of the shapes with small holes about 2 cm apart and give your tiny tot a blunt plastic needle threaded with wool to cut out the shapes.

This will keep the child busy and make him learn about animals. Be careful with the needle and make sure it is blunt and the child does not swallow it.

4. Solve Puzzles:

Puzzles are a good source of fun and learning. They teach the child to find out the missing links and hence improve their memory and retention power. Buy a puzzle with large pieces and make your child sit on a study table. Get involved with the child and teach him to find out the big pictures first. A child might find it tough at first but will soon learn to enjoy it. Remember to choose a puzzle, which is of your child’s interest and gradually you can choose bigger puzzles for them.

5. Cut and Tear:

Cutting and tearing activities are a great way to keep your child busy and happy, though they might be a little messy but they are a good way of teaching a child. Take a colored paper and draw various shapes on it. Now give the child safety scissors and ask him/her to cut out those shapes. Once the shapes have been cut, teach him/her to paste them on a big sheet and make a collage.

Be a little cautious with the safety scissors and teach the child to use it properly. Also keep an eye on your kid so that he/she does not eat the glue.

6. Put the Lids on:

Keep your empty washed plastic containers and lids. Place them in a box and help the child to find the right lid for the right container and then screw it on. This is a good activity to keep the mothers free and the toddlers engaged.

7. Painting:

Painting is an activity every toddler enjoys as they like colors and also learn about various colors and shapes. Get some painting books for your child, a color palette and a painting brush. Teach your kid to paint a picture and keep telling him which picture he/she is coloring so that they learn different shapes and colors.

It can be a little messy and the child can split the color on his/her clothes. Make sure you make the child wear a overall and place a plastic sheet on the table.

8. Family Tree:

This is a sure shot fun activity for both moms and kids. But it involves some work at mom’s side too. Make a tree of a handmade sheet and cut out some pictures of everyone in the family. Now sit with the child and let him/her recognise the members of the family.

Help him/her to place the pictures on the family tree and later on tell him/her the hierarchy.

9. Playdough:

Playing with clay is a lot of fun and will keep the child busy for hours together. Get the child some clay, moulds of different shapes and sizes, a blunt knife and a small rolling pin. Spend some time teaching the child to play with the clay and make different shapes with it.

The child will love the activity and also learn how to make various things.  Be careful that the child does not consume the clay as it is harmful when swallowed.

10. Sand Castles:

This activity is a lot of fun and will give a total beach experience to you and your toddler. Get your child some mud, a small bucket, some shells and other decorative items. Now teach him/her to put mud in the bucket and make a castle. After that they can decorate the castle and play with it.

This exercise is fun and enjoyable too. It will be dirty but is sure to keep your little toddler happy.

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