25 Free WordPress Themes (2009 Edition)

Hello. I recently got a domain and a hosting, free from Masood and I straight away installed WordPress on it and started searching for Themes/Templates

I was amazed to see so many templates available for this platform and the nice thing was every template was offering something unique.

I searched for many hours here and collected like 100 WordPress Templates. Then I finally chose the Best Templates among all of them and have now came up with 25 Free WordPress Templates that are really nice and unique.

I have also bundled them in a single pack, scroll down to the end of this post.

Okay here are they with their Demo and separate Download links:

01. Blak Magik
Blak Magic

Theme Name: Blak Magik
Theme URI: http://www.productivedreams.com
Description: Blak Magik is a wordpress theme by ProductiveDreams
Version: 1.0
Author: Gopal Raju

02. Aerodrome

Theme Name: Aerodrome
Theme URI: http://thebuckmaker.com/aerodrome
Description: Beautiful light and professional designed, ad ready WordPress theme by TheBuckmaker.com. Custom background image menu by Aaron Edwards. Ready for WordPress 2.7
Author: Joe Fischler
Author URI: http://thebuckmaker.com
Version: 1.0.3

03. Librio

Theme Name: Librio
Description: Inspired by Mac OS X Leopard.
Version: 1.0
Author: Deniart
Author URI: http://deniart.ru/

04. FluidYellow

Theme Name: FluidYellow
Theme URI: http://www.askgraphics.com/freetemplates/
Description: Custom blog design starts from just $250 @ AskGraphics.com.
Version: 1.0
Author: AskGraphics
Author URI: http://www.askgraphics.com

05. fourWPTP

Theme Name: fourWPTP
Theme URI: WordPress Themes & Plugin
Description: A 4 column widget ready theme
Author: Moses Francis
Author URI: www.wpthemesplugin.com

06. Carrington Blog
Carrington Blog

Theme Name: Carrington Blog
Theme URI: http://carringtontheme.com
Description: A developer friendly theme with atomic templates and an elegant override hierarchy.
Version: 1.3
Author: Crowd Favorite
Author URI: http://crowdfavorite.com

07. Blue Zinfandel
Blue Zinfandel

Theme Name: Blue Zinfandel
Theme URL: http://www.briangardner.com/themes/blue-zinfandel-wordpress-theme.htm
Description: Blue Zinfandel is a 2 or 3-column Widget-ready theme, made especially for online newspapers or magazines.
Author: Brian Gardner
Author URI: http://www.briangardner.com
Version: 1.0

08. Grass Roots
Grass Roots

Theme Name: Grass Roots
Theme URI: http://www.wellmedicated.com/themes/grassroots/
Description: For the Crunchy-Granola-Backpacking Blogger
Version: 1.0
Author: Andrew Lindstrom
Author URI: http://www.andrewlindstrom.com

09. Mezzo

Theme Name: Mezzo
Theme URI: http://www.wpthemesplugin.com
Description: Mezzo V3 by Moses Francis at www.wpthemesplugin.com
Author: Moses Francis

10. Dreamline

Theme Name: Dreamline
Theme URI: http://www.flashdaweb.com/resources/wordpress-themes/dreamline-theme
Description:nice dark theme with fixed width and very stylish design.
Author: Alexander Tumanov
Author URI: http://www.flashdaweb.com/

11. I feel dirty
I feel dirty

Theme Name: I feel dirty
Theme URI: http://studio.st/i-feel-dirty/
Description: A clean but dirty template by Studio ST
Version: 1.0
Author: The studio ST team
Author URI: http://studio.st/

12. Arctic

Theme Name: Arctic
Version: 1.0
Designer: Cobus Bester
Website: http://fresh01.co.za
Support: freesupport@fresh01.co.za

13. NetWorker

Theme Name: NetWorker
Theme URI: http://www.antbag.com
Description: An adsense ready theme from Antbag.com.
Version: 1.0
Author: Anthony Baggett
Author URI: http://www.antbag.com/

14. DarkZen

Theme Name: DarkZen
Theme URI: http://www.dailyblogtips.com/darkzen-wordpress-theme-released/
Version: 1.0
Author: Daily Blog Tips
Author URI: http://www.dailyblogtips.com

15. Simplified

Theme Name: Simplified
Theme URL: http://www.justskins.com
Author: Ravish Ahuja
Author URI: http://www.justskins.com
Version: 1.0

16. Thistle

Theme Name: Thistle
Theme URI: http://blog.NOVALISTIC.com/downloads/wordpress-themes/thistle
Description: A feminine, simple, lavender & purple theme.
Tags: purple, light, two-columns, fixed-width, right-sidebar, threaded-comments
Author: Daniel Tan aka BoltClock
Author URI: http://blog.NOVALISTIC.com

17. Orange Techno
Orange Techno

Theme Name: Orange Techno
Theme URI:
Description: WP Orange Techno theme designed by AOE media GmbH. A very stylish modern techno design in orange for modern blogs. 45 degree age. Now also widget ready.
Version: 1.62
Author: AOE media GmbH
Author URI: http://www.aoemedia.de
Tags: two columns, widgets, fixed width, orange, white, custom header, valid XHTML, valid CSS, widgets

18. Elegant Green
Elegant Green

Title: Elegant Green
Description: Lovely green and white based theme that is lovely on the eyes.
Tags: Green, Elegant
Theme URL: http://www.golooknow.com/themes
Demo URL: http://www.golooknow.com/wordpress/?wptheme=elegant-green
Author Name: Nicholas May
Author URL: http://www.golooknow.com

19. Blue Chillout Space
Blue Chillout Space

Theme Name: Blue Chillout Space
Theme URI: http://www.darganov.com/blue-chillout-space-wordpress-theme.html
Description: Blue Chillout Space is a blue, two-column widget ready WordPress theme.
Version: 0.2.2
Author: Iliyan Darganov
Author URI: http://www.darganov.com

20. Minimo

Theme Name: Minimo
Author: Horacio Bella
Description: Clean, minimalist and dark
Theme URI: http://granimpetu.com/minimo
Author URI: http://granimpetu.com
Version: 1.0

21. Revolution Code Red
Revolution Code Red

Theme Name: Revolution Code Red
Theme URL: http://www.revolutiontwo.com/themes/code-red
Description: Code Red is a 3-column Widget-ready theme created for WordPress.
Author: Brian Gardner
Author URI: http://www.briangardner.com
Version: 3.0

22. Prides

Theme Name: Prides
Description: 3 coloumn pro theme
Author: Jinsona designs
Author URI: http://web2feel.com

23. Art Blog
Art Blog

Theme Name: Art Blog
Theme URI: http://www.new-era-web-solutions.com
Description: 2 column free wp theme
Version: 1.0
Author: New Era Web Solutions
Author URI: http://www.new-era-web-solutions.com

24. Vintage Style
Vintage Style

Theme Name: Vintage Style
Theme URI: http://www.templatepanic.com/article/vintage-style-wordpress-theme
Description: Vintage Style theme for WordPress, features 2 columns layout and vintage color options.
Author: Searchopedia
Author URI: http://www.searchopedia.org/

25. Grunge Paper
Grunge Paper

Theme Name: Grunge Paper
Theme URL: http://www.toptut.com
Author: Lorelei
Author URL: http://www.loreleiwebdesign.com/
Description: 2 Columns wordpress theme by Lorelei of Lorelei Web design.

Bundled 25 Free WordPress Themes/Templates AIO

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