Format A USB Pen Drive With NTFS File System

usb pen driveHave you ever tried formatting a USB Pen drive in NTFS Format? But must not have seen any option for this by default in XP. It allows you to only format your USB Pen Drive in FAT or FAT32. But its quiet easy to format it in NTFS.

NTFS allows you encrypting your data which is a feature that is inbuilt in Windows XP and above. It also lets you to add allow and deny permissions on individual files and folders for specific Windows users, something you can’t think of using FAT file systems.

But on the rear side, NTFS file system won’t get detected in most LINUX systems.xpasti However using NTFS file system also increases your performance and reliability.

So here it is How To Format Your USB Pen Drive In NTFS File System:

Plug in your USB device to any free USB port of you computer.

01. Now click on Start Menu button:
start button

And you will see My Computer icon there. Right Click on it and click on Manage:
how to format usb pen drive

02. Once in Computer Management, click on Device Manager and a list will pop up in right hand side window:
computer management

03. Now click on Disk Drives, select your USB Pen Drive, Right Click on it and select Properties:
computer management 2

04. This will take you to the properties of your pen drive. Once there, click on Policies Tab. Followed by clicking on Optimize for performance and then finally click on OK button:

05. Now click on My Computer icon on your desktop:
my computer

After opening My Computer, Right Click on your USB Pen Drive and select Format:
right click pen drive

06. Click on File system drop down menu and you will see 3 options now. Select NTFS and click on Start button to convert it to NTFS File system:
select ntfs and format

All Done!sengihnampakgigi Now you USB Pen Drive is in NTFS file format, you can either compress the data in it or can encrypt the data.

If you have any problem or questions then feel free to ask me.kenyit


  1. BUSTLER says:

    Awesome post mate! I think you must write one more post for telling how to encrypt and secure data in pen drive.

  2. Bariski says:

    Thanks for the appreciation :) Will surely write a post regarding that ;)

  3. Amit says:

    appreciated……thx for sharing the knowledge….

  4. Bariski says:

    Its my pleasure buddy :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    very good…lalu..

  6. Bariski says:

    lol :P thanks :D

  7. Anonymous says:

    this doesnt allways work as it will come back saying that the format cant be completed

  8. Bariski says:

    Well buddy, I never had such problem. May be you firstly format your pen drive with Fat32 and get it scanned with antivirus and then try reformatting.
    Hope this helps :)

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  10. Jenney MaC says:

    Thanks For Sharing Such an excellent tip.

    Jenney MaC

  11. Bariski says:

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  14. Jeff says:

    Great post. I’m a thumb drive addict with about 25+ of those handy devices. They are great for about everything, but I seem to just store photos on them.

  15. Bariski says:

    Thanks Jeff, glad you liked it ;)

  16. Anonymous says:

    i have formatted to NTFS to my pen drive, it had problem in detect in some desktop and laptops but detect well in my laptop then formatted in FAT but problem remain same

  17. Bariski says:

    What problem are you facing buddy, can you please be detailed.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hi all,need your help here…?
    i have 4gb kingston pendrive..and i set my pendrive drive name to ‘myname’.i already used my pendrive 1.4gb.and got a lots important files..when i plug in the pendrive,it will automatic install driver ‘kingston datatraveler 2.0 usb device’.my problem is,when i plug out the pendrive and plug in back,it install driver ‘usb disk 30x usb device’ and my pendrive name change from ‘myname’ to ‘removable disk’.and when i rightclick to properties,my pendrive change to,used space 0bytes,free space 0bytes,file system unknown.i try to scandisk my pendrive,and it cant do it,when i click ok at scandisk,it suddenly close..i try also to check with avg antivirus,it shows ‘cannot open;not checked’.

    can anyone help my problem?other than format the drive.please….really need your help….

  19. Anonymous says:

    omg thank you so so much for sharing this. u've made my day! :D

  20. Bariski says:

    @Anonymous please try and scan your pen drive with eset nod32 antivirus or kaspersky antivirus.

  21. Jon says:

    Hey this actually really cool. I have some large over 4gb torrents that would benefit from this.

  22. Simran says:

    nice post :)

  23. Anonymous says:

    I have a drive I have been unable to format as NTFS since I have had it. I have tried the XP method, tried Vista and also W7 to no avail. It just says 'unable to complete format', or something to those words. I have scanned with NOD and all the boxes tick, no files.
    Do you have any suggestions for me please?


  24. Bariski says:

    As far as my experience says, it is damaged physically so it wont be usable anymore though I can't be sure.

  25. Anonymous says:

    But how can that be when the drive is usable as FAT and will store 16GB with limits on the file size?

  26. Bariski says:

    I doubt if I can tell you without seeing it. Sorry buddy.

  27. Anonymous says:


  28. Jane Reminder says:

    Problem fixed. I was having trouble transfering some files over for back-up… well some files… and I tried this handy trick and wallah – it works now. I got my usb drive about a month ago and it hasn’t worked properly until now…
    Thank you

  29. rajeev says:

    when i format my pendrive “it shows window cannot format this drive.quit any disk utilities or program that are using this drive and make sure that no window is displaying the contents of the drive”. pls help me

  30. khaja says:

    its not working Man ,, i am irritating with my pen drive,, any other solution

  31. Chi says:

    hi….I have one 16 GB Kingston pen drive….. I was copying some file from laptop and eventually after completing the file transfer, as message appeared “Format disk”. I tried to open the pen drive but it was showing both used and free space- zero. Finally I tried formatting, but in between the system was turned off. when I again tried the formatting of pen drive….it was showing that ” the system was unable to format the disc” and I am also not getting any information of file system of pen drive…. could you please help me ?

  32. balamurugan says:

    i will try to same method but my pen drive is not formatting,windows error came

  33. irfan says:

    i formatted my pen drive to ntfs and transfer 4.5 gb data after safe remove i replug it the pen drive does not detected by the computer.

  34. Sudarshan says:

    On newer versions of Windows you can use the convert utility to convert the drive without losing files on it. Use convert /? at a command prompt to find out more