Flirting With a Guy in Middle School

Middle school is an interesting period of life! You are really not so old to start dating but, you still get the dating pangs every now and then. A girl talk, during middle school, normally involves guys. This age may not seem right to many but, you still find a lot of girls dating a guy during middle school. You end up having your first crush during middle school. You gear up for a strong affair during middle school. Yes, the age may really not be right but the heart wins against all odds set against it. What would you do if you liked this guy but, you don’t have the guts to go and tell him? You wish to really go and flirt your heart out with this guy but, somehow you don’t know how to approach him. The tips below are really simple and, ones that you can try in spite of being in middle school.

flirting middle school

1. The Proper Way

You don’t have to be beautiful to attract guys. But, you surely need to take care of your appearances. Whoever said appearances are deceptive was not wrong. But, if you are shabbily dressed and sport an uncombed hair, you surely are not going to receive that second glance. Brush your teeth properly and make sure you don’t suffer from a body odour problem. You don’t need to look beautiful; you just need to appear proper.

2. Confidence Speaks

If you like this guy, walk up to him and talk. All this while, be confident of yourself. Yes, you are attractive the way you are. Just ensure you communicate that to the other person. This confidence will steal several hearts and set them talking. You would actually attract your guy if you work on your strengths rather than on your weaknesses. Confidence obviously is the highlight of it all.

3. Subtle Hints

Throwing subtle hints towards the guy you like would make him know that you are interested in him. You can try to make eye contact. When you get his attention, you can just smile at him. If he smiles back, you can walk up to him and get started with talking. These hints should not be too blatant as it can ruin the entire thing. Don’t get too desperate. In case he does not smile, don’t force yourself on him. He may be shy or plainly not interested. Make very subtle approaches till you know if he is interested in you or not.

4. Be Yourself

Don’t ever change yourself for the guy you like. Allow the guy to know you the way you are. You don’t need to make an impression by faking yourself. A guy should like you for who you are. If he does not, then he really is not worth the efforts you are putting in. So, try to flirt with a guy without changing yourself one bit. Who knows, you may just hit jackpot. The guy may be interested in you because of who you are. He might not wish to change you either. So, don’t really make the mistake of pretending to be someone you are not.

5. Use Technology to the Fullest

You can always add the guy you like on to your list of friends on social networking sites. You can start chatting on these sites. Getting to know each other is easier these days given the virtual space. When you are not exactly looking at each other, the shy feeling dies away and you are able to converse better. You can discuss the things you wouldn’t otherwise, on these networking sites. Gradually, you can move on to messages and then phone calls. You can casually flirt using the messages. This is the easiest and best method to flirt with the guy. You get your message across to the guy without actually sounding desperate.

6. Face Him

When you see the guy you like while out with your friends, the first thought is to run away. You want to to avoid having a direct eye-contact. Try not to do this. Instead, go ahead and greet him. If he does not know your friends, a casual introduction might help. Don’t neglect your friends while he is around and, at the same time don’t seem love struck either. Just be as normal and casual as possible. You can actually tease him a bit and, then let it go. This would make him interact more. The more he gets to know you and the more confident you are, the more he will be attracted towards you.

7. Rejection is Fine

Guys generally don’t ask a girl out, fearing rejection. It is fine to be rejected but it is not fine to stop yourself from trying. The maximum that can happen is that you would be rejected which is acceptable. You can just ask the guy out. If he is not interested in you, let it be. But, what if he is interested in you and cannot dare to take the initiative! In that case, you have to do the honours. So, why fear rejection? Instead, just let go of your fears and, go ahead and ask the guy you like out on date.

8. Don’t Force Yourself

Try not to be this clingy doll that he would not want to be seen around with. You are hopelessly love struck. It is fine. But, don’t have it written all over your face. Don’t go around throwing yourself on him. This is one attitude that will never allow him to like you. Maintain cordiality while trying to know him better. Instead of being forceful, you can actually try and get to know your guy better. Have normal casual conversations of common things, likes, dislikes and hobbies. This gives you a better chance of getting involved with him. Your desperation will just drive him away from you.

Avoid the clichés and be who you are! This way you ensure more chances of getting the guy to talk to you. Remember, rejection is just fine.

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