Flirting Tips for Shy Girls

Flirting effortlessly and with spontaneity had never been easy for women. However, flirting can become all the more difficult if you happen to be a shy and diffident girl. On one hand, life can be hard for a woman who’s attractive and single. The societal pressure to have a boyfriend will always be there. Therefore, you find the going tough if you don’t have a beau or boyfriend to hang out with.

On the other hand, the very idea of flirting with a good-looking guy to attract his attention can be really unnerving for a girl who is timid and introvert by nature. For most women, particularly those who withdraw into their shells when they see a handsome guy, the thought of flirting can make them panicky. If you’re one girl who’s extremely coy and demure, and experience problems socializing with smart young men, then you can take solace in the fact that you’re not the only one.

There are scores of other women who find themselves in the same boat as yours. You’d be relieved to know that you can exploit your shyness as a trump card while attempting to court the guy who’s always on your mind. Although the traditional rules of mating have changed a lot and sexual mores are being redefined, the onus of making the first move still lies with the man.

So, when a girl takes the initiative of approaching a man, he more than welcomes it. Nevertheless the courting game becomes all the more engrossing if the girl in question happens to be shy and withdrawn. The following Flirting Tips for Shy Girls can help you to become outgoing especially when you’re out to charm your crush.

Flirting Tips for Shy Girls

1. Choose the Perfect Place

If you want your crush to shower all his attention on you, then you can’t afford to go wrong in picking up the right places for flirting. You’d need a certain amount of privacy and seclusion so that both of you have the time and the space to get acquainted with each other. So before you can get started, make a mental note of the places that would be perfect for using your pick up lines.

You can approach him when he’s is in the library looking for a reference manual or taking notes from a guide book. You’d just need to drop a book in front of him while he’s searching for the right manual. He might bend down to pick up the book for your sake. Give him a huge smile as a token of gratitude. If he finds you worth exploring, he’ll pick up the hint as well, apart from the book.

2. The Timing Matters as Much

You’d certainly not want to make a fool of yourself by going over to him when he’s is hanging out with a large group of buddies. Trying to mingle with him in the midst of a lecture in class can be equally dampening. Do not even think about approaching him when he’s having lunch with his friends or colleagues. The timing is as important as the spot as far as flirting is concerned. Make an attempt to warm up to him either when he’s alone or is surrounded by only a couple of mates.

3. Keep a Low Profile

Remember the impression that your prospective boyfriend has about you will invariably depend on how you present yourself. Your guy will use his first impressions about you to decide whether he should take more than a passing interest in you. Therefore, try to maintain a low profile, at least in the initial stages when the both of you are getting to know each other.

Guys do not prefer overly melodramatic maidens. Do not bore him out by narrating events and happenings from your personal life. You’d also not like to see him stifle a yawn when you blabber about the petty squabbles you had with your female friends. Stick to topics of general interest like movies, games, books that are unlikely to generate any controversies. Discussing on topics of common interest will help you to have a fair about him as an individual.

4. Show Your Funnier Side

Everybody loves to be in the company of a person who has a good sense of humour. So, if you’re confident that you can make anybody laugh out heartily with your quips and jokes, then use this ability to your advantage. Guys take a strong liking to women who’re not only attractive but intelligent as well. Try to bring a smile on your crush’s lips or make him laugh by narrating funny anecdotes and yarns.

5. Snuggle Up to Him in a Subtle Manner

A little physical intimacy while you’re sitting just besides him is just par for the course. Touching his shoulder or arm in a subtle manner while you’re talking to him, and laughing with your hand pressed on his while he taunts you are delicate flirting techniques. If the guy genuinely likes you, he’ll respond positively to your trying to get snug with him.

6. Do not Hog the Conversation

Though everybody likes to talk about him or herself, you’d be putting off your man hugely if you keep gossiping about yourself most of the time. If you want your heartthrob to retain his interest in you, then you should make it a point to listen to what he may have to say. If he’s of the taciturn type, then you can get him talking by asking him questions that he might find fascinating and motivating. The idea is to convince him that you’re not only a good raconteur but a good listener as well.

7. Sometimes Give the Impression That You are Not Easily Available

Never, never let your guy have the notion that you’re always available as far as he is concerned and quite easily at that. If he has any such inkling, he may lose interest in you or he might not even respond to your overtures. Be a trifle naughty and playful when he asks you for a date or wants you to take you to the cinemas.

Refrain from giving your consent the moment he implores you for a date. Say that you have other plans and smile mischievously while making the alibi. He’ll get the message that you are being flirtatious. You can top it up by paying him a compliment about his looks or about the dress that he’s wearing.

8. Know Where to Draw the Line

Sometimes you might be left wondering as to why he’s not being responsive despite your sincere attempts to attract his attention. While trying to sharpen your flirting skills, you’ll also develop the intuition to read ‘the writing on the wall’. If he’s not being receptive to your propositions, then it’s crystal clear that he’s interested in someone else but not you.

It’d be quite unrealistic and impractical on your part if you get upset about the whole thing although having such a feeling is quite normal. Just tell yourself that for every guy who’s not interested in you, there are a thousand others waiting to ask you out. So, the best course of action for you would be to move ahead in your life and start looking afresh for a boyfriend.

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