Flirting Tips for Girls from Guys

All those women who think that flirting is a male preserve would need to refresh their thinking and change their notions about it. Flirting as a means to attract the attention of a potential partner and get the courtship game started has been practiced since ages but has evolved radically with passage of time. Flirting, coquetting or dallying that had long been the exclusive bastion of the men is increasingly being raided and foraged by the fairer sex. So don’t be taken aback when an enterprising and sprightly young femme fatale flirts with you by leaving behind a trail of pick up lines.

Tasteful flirting that tickles your funny-bone, and makes you feel good is an art that requires relentless practice if it has to be mastered as nobody can be a born flirt. As a woman, you often have been complimented for your looks and may have been the subject of flirtation occasionally. You have been conditioned to think that it is always men who should be making the first move. You have been inured to believe that men are supposed to approach women first by breaking the ice with casual and humorous pick up lines often laced with subtle undertones of sex and eroticism. However, times have changed a lot and many women are turning the tables as far as flirting is concerned.

Believe it or not, many men really love the idea of a woman making the starting move and taking the trouble of approaching them first, and there are good enough reasons for that. If you take the initiative of flirting, most men would get the impression that you’re a woman who’s confident and forthcoming about what you want. Furthermore, many men think that it is passé and unfashionable for them to always make the proposal for dating or simply striking up an informal conversation. So they indeed would find it a welcome change when you take it upon yourself for making the opening move.

So if you really want to arrest the attention of a guy and cast your spell on him then master these Flirting Tips for Girls from Guys. These guidelines have been compiled by chaps who’ve perfect the art of flirting and have turned it into a’ fine art’, well almost.

flirting tips for girls

1. Let Your Body Language Give it Away

If you want to flirt confidently and with characteristic flamboyance, then the wisecracks or one-liners that you use for flirting should match your body language. In other words, your non-verbal communication or gestures should be in sync with your verbal statements. You’ll be making yourself look clumsy if your verbal and non-verbal communiqués are not on the same wavelength.

The skills that you’d need to pick up to become a consummate flirt obviously cannot be learnt overnight. Rather, you’ll have to keep memorizing or rehearsing both standard and offbeat pick up lines that you can use randomly at handsome guys you come across everyday on the streets.

You’ll need to keep an open mind and be flexible in your approach if you want to master the art of flirting with men. To sharpen your skills, you’ll have to flirt indiscriminately with people and it’s not necessary that these people have to be on your priority dating list. Of all the techniques you imbibe, remember that it is important to maintain eye contact while flirting, and ensure that your arms are open.

Also make sure that you’re facing the guy you’re flirting with. Not using the right body language along with your verbal dialogues would send the message to the guy that you’re not enamored of him.

2. Pay Attention to Your Outfit

Although the significance of dressing is frequently underestimated in the context of flirting, your overall look and appeal might make a lot of difference to the sort of people you’ll be attracting with your flirtations. If you want to make yourself appealing to guys who have similar likes and dislikes as yours then you should be paying attention to the way you dress, the hairstyle you sport and the make-up you use.

Dressing up too gaudily and wearing a very flashy make-up is going to make you the center of attraction of all those guys whom you may want to avoid. Learn to dress up according to your personality type that’ll go a long way in making you attractive to the right sort of guys.

3. Wear a Smile on Your Face

Never underrate the impact a smile can make while you’re flirting with a guy. Everybody loves to see a smiling and cheerful countenance. Moreover, you might be aware that a guy always loves to see a woman laughing out heartily and more often tell funny jokes and try numerous antics to make her smile. At the same time, being merry and joyful does not mean you that should be laughing or grinning at anything a guy says. Affecting such a stance will make you appear superficial and you’ll not be taken seriously.

You can always create a situation or occasion where you make the guy burst out laughing by narrating the funniest of jokes and anecdotes that you can recall and also show a genuine interest in his jokes or gags. The idea is to share a laugh together and sound funny without overdoing it.

4. Oftentimes Touch the Guy or Pat Him Lightly On the Shoulder

Touching a guy on the shoulder or the arm or smacking him lightly at the back can be a very simple yet effective way of flirting. For some strange or inexplicable reason, you’d be giving out a robust and clear signal to a man that you find him charming, by touching him or patting him lightly on the shoulder or the butt.

5. Confront the Guy Head-on

You should learn to tread the fine line that demarcates socially acceptable flirting from flirtations that are too crass or insensitive. If you go overboard when you’re flirting with a guy, you’ll end up sending all the wrong messages. Do not always meekly accept all his ideas and opinions and make the situation light by being excessively flirtatious but oftentimes disagree or argue with some of his viewpoints.

6. Try to Have an Edge Always

If you want to make yourself the cynosure in the eyes of the guy you’re interested in, then you should come up with strategies to create and sustain some light repartee between the two of you. If you’re successful in developing an environment of competitiveness between yourself and the guy where you try to outmaneuver each other will go a long way in making yourselves appear smart and attractive. Your ultimate goal in this game of one-upmanship would be to have the last word.

Finally, it can be said that of all the skills that you pick up for flirting with guys, never lose sight of one tip and that is always be yourself.

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