How to Flirt with a Guy over Text: Tips for a Successful Start

7. Flirty Lines:

Send your boyfriend silly or funny lines over text. ‘Hey Handsome’, ‘Can’t stop thinking about you’, ‘you are my heartbeats, and my heart is dying without you’, ‘I am your Juliet, will you be my Romeo?’ Aren’t these lines flirty?

Flirty Lines

8. Keep things Short and Sweet:

When you are flirting with your sweetheart, remember to write short and simple messages. A long and descriptive message will look like an essay, and he will get bored with it. He will not even go through it, if he is busy somewhere. However, if you send a short and sweet message of one or two sentences, it will not take his more time. A short and sweet message will force him to text you back.

Keep things Short and Sweet

9. Ask Questions:

Asking frequent questions is also a great idea to tease a guy. These questions can be anything like do you miss me? How was your day, sweetheart? How much you love me? Make sure to ask open ended questions, rather than those with yes or no answers. It will make the conversation more interesting and interactive.

Ask Questions

10. Be Creative:

Since you are the only person very close to your boyfriend, think of something that no one knows about him. This will arouse his interest to talk to you. Make a clever observation and make him laugh through a text message.

Be Creative

11. Don’t Drag the Conversation:

If you feel that the guy you are flirting with is getting bored with you, stop it here. Don’t drag the conversation; it will make him lose interest in you. Also, don’t force him to text, if he is busy. In order to retain his interest, don’t respond very quickly, and say that you will text him later. It will ensure that his interest in you won’t wear off soon.

Don’t Drag the Conversation

12. Check Spellings:

Before you send a message to your lover, don’t forget to check it for any type of mistake. A simple spelling mistake can change the meaning of your text message. You should not send a complicated message. It can take the conversation to a different direction.

Check Spellings


In the final analysis, we can say that flirting with a guy is an art. Guys are born flirty, but girls find it a little hard to play flirty tricks with their boyfriends. However, there is an easy way of flirting with guys through text messages. It is very simple and interesting way of conversation. You can send a blank message to your sweetheart. It will make force him think about you. In addition, send him texting symbols, depicting different emotions. Giving him compliments, showing the depth of your love and asking silly questions are some ways do flirt with him. However, remember to stop it if you feel that he is busy or not interested.

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