Fear of Talking on the Phone: Overcome it with These Tips

6. Find out the Reason of your Anxiety

To overcome of your fear it is very important to find out the reasons of your anxiety. You need to identify the negative thoughts that arise in your mind the moment your phone rings. These negative thoughts are actually responsible for your phone phobia. Once you identify them jot them on a piece of paper. Try to deal with it one by one.

Find out the Reason of your Anxiety

7. Prepare Yourself

Before making phone call, do a bit of preparation. Try to anticipate your conversation and know what you would like to say. You can also practice this with your closed one. If you have fear that you will forget things you want to convey then note down important things on a piece of paper. You can also write your conversation as a script and practice it again in front of mirror. Feel relaxed even if things do not go the way you wish.

Prepare Yourself

8. Record you Conversation

There are times when after all your preparations things do not go well. To rectify your mistakes you need to have a record of your conversation. Listen to your conversation and note down where you went wrong. Make sure that you do not repeat these mistakes. Each time you do this practice you will feel more comfortable. This way you will avoid doing any mistake in your future. You can also call a number which have recorded message.

Record you Conversation

9. Enroll Yourself in a training Course

In addition to the self-help strategies to cope your fear you can also go for training programs. Treatment for phone phobia includes cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques, such as cognitive restructuring and exposure training. Cognitive therapy involves replacing negative thoughts with more constructive and positive thoughts. It helps to ease the misconception in your mind and present evidence in front of you to tell you the truth. Exposure training is a gradual practice of erasing each fear individually from mind. Each behavior is practiced until you are comfortable and can move to the next more difficult one.

Enroll Yourself in a training Course

10. Choose for Alternative Means of Communication

Telephone is just a means of communication so deal with it very naturally. Telephonic conversation may not be the best form of communication for you. So you can also choose for other means of communication like e-mails or social networking sites. If you fear giving instant response then you can go for other means of communication. Once you feel comfortable interacting with people it will be easy to contact people on phone.

Choose for Alternative Means of Communication

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