Fast Food Myths Busted For Your Benefits

4. Fast Food Chains Use Embalming Fluids in Their Food

Another disturbing fast food myth is that fast food giants use embalming fluid. According to the myth this fluid is used by the restaurant to preserve the food served so that there is less wastage and the food does not spoil. This is untrue, as these restaurant are the most wasteful when it comes to discarding food.

Fast food chains use embalming fluids in their food

5.  If The Health Department has Okayed it, The Food Must be Safe

Health inspections can never guarantee that the food served in fast food chains is safe. This is because there is no daily check on these places and even if they manage to get an A grade in food safety, they end up getting involved in food poisoning cases. If you are eating at these restaurants make sure that you examine your food properly and if there is any indication (foul smell, perforated cans or stale looking food), bring it to management’s notice and don’t consume it.

If the health department has okayed it, the food must be safe

6.  Fast Food is Always Unhealthy

We have automatically started associating fast food with unhealthy food. The choices you make at a restaurant can determine whether you eat healthy or not. There are a number of foods you can choose at a fast food place that are healthier than many foods from the grocery store.

Fast food is always unhealthy

7.   Salads are Always a Healthy Choice

This fast food myth can be harmful, because not all salads are a healthy option. Going by this myth, a lot of consumers end up consuming a high salt and preservative diet. Most of the time salads are a healthier alternative to greasy burgers and fries, but not always. Look at the salt, carb, and fat information to determine if any food choice is healthy. Sometimes the salad is perfectly healthy but the dressing is loaded with sugars and chemicals. You need to do your research before choosing a salad over a burger or fries.

Salads are always a healthy choice

8.    Mc Donald’s Uses Alternative Meat Sources

There are several varieties of this myth. Some say that this fast food giant uses crushed worms as filler, while other versions use kangaroo meat as the alternative source. Both of these are false, and the fast food chain owns beef farms to provide the meat needed. In countries where it is illegal to serve beef Mc Donald’s purchases chicken from poultry farms of the highest repute.

Mc Donald’s uses alternative meat sources

9. Fast Food Chains Add Addictive Chemicals to Their Food

Of the many myths that surround fast food giants, one of the most ridiculous ones is that these food manufacturers use addictive chemicals so that people keep coming back for meals and spend more money.  Some foods do have addictive elements, but they are natural, just like caffeine in tea and coffee. Like I mentioned before, the reason of your addiction to fast food is because eating fast food stimulates the pleasure centers of your brain, creating a false feeling of happiness and comfort. That is why unhealthy food sometimes is known as comfort food.

Fast food chains add addictive chemicals to their food

10.   Fast Food is Clean

This is a commonly believed myth; a restaurant is only as clean as the owners want it to be. It is true that an unclean restaurant can lose accreditation; however, the sources for bacteria and unclean material are similar for fast food chains as they are for other food manufacturing outlets.

Fast food is clean

11.  Obesity is a Result of Fast Food

Lately there has been a link reported between fast food and obesity, and this has led to the myth that fast food will make you fat. The reason for obesity is not fast food, but, a sedentary lifestyle. If you are consuming fast food once in a while maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, you will not gain weight.


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