Fast Food Myths Busted For Your Benefits

Fast food has always been a controversial topic of discussion. There are so many fast food myths doing the rounds that it becomes crazily confusing as to whether this food is actually food or poison. There is no set key to a healthy lifestyle. You need to be aware of the harmful or beneficial effects of the food that you consume. While there are plenty of myths about fast food one truth rings through, eating a healthy balanced diet is the healthiest diet choice you can make.

Fast food, if consumed in moderation, can be a healthy choice, but remember, the key is moderation. You must know about the fast food myths busted so that you can be aware of the minus and plus points.

Fast food chains are aware of the negative stereotypes associated with their offerings, so most of them have made an effort to include healthier options on their menu. Choices like salads, yogurt, fresh fruit salads, bottled water, ice tea, whole grain breads and grilled chicken can make healthy selections when you’re in a hurry. Just be careful, particularly if you default to these restaurants often, that not a lot of salt, high-fructose corn syrup or other unhealthy additives are used in the preparation. Check the restaurant’s websites or menu guide before you order.

You just need to be careful of your own food choice and bust a few myths regarding fast food. This will help you draw well-informed conclusions instead of basing your knowledge on rumors and legends.

1. Here is a List of The Top 12 Fast Food Myths, Busted

This is the most common and a highly dangerous myth. Food manufacturers use this myth to their advantage and market their products as ‘fat-free’ or ‘low in fat’. The misconception that fat-free is better is the reason that so many consumer go in for these food items, hoping that they will lose weight. They tend to eat more of the low-fat food than they would have if it were full fat. When fat is removed from food a lot of the flavor gets diminished – consequently extra sugars and chemicals are often added to give back the flavor – fat free food can therefore be far worse and fattening for you than regular full fat food.

Here is a list of the top 12 fast food myths, busted

2. Cravings are a Way of Your Body Telling You it Needs Something

When our body craves a certain food, we are told that our body is asking for something. This is not true. Our palate craves fast food because of the pleasure centers that fast food consumption stimulates. In one experiment, a person craving chocolate was given a cocktail of all nutrients that a chocolate is made up of less the flavor of chocolate; this did not satisfy their craving whereas the simple chocolate flavor without the nutrients did. This proves that a craving is not indicative of any deficiency or requirement of our body. Cravings cab be directly associated with our emotional state of mind.

Cravings are a way of your body telling you it needs something

3. There is no Chicken Used in KFC

This is one very strange myth, it is rumored that Kentucky Fried Chicken does not use the meat of chicken in its food production. This rumor floated around the time when Kentucky Fried Chicken changed its name to KFC. People started saying that KFC uses the meat of some mutant bird which has big breasts and no beaks and not that of a chicken. As per a KFC spokesperson, the name was actually changed to eliminate the word fried, which is considered unhealthy and was affecting sales for this fast food outlet.

There is no chicken used in KFC

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