Excuses To Get Out Of Work

Getting out of work might seem to be troublesome, but not anymore. If you are someone who is looking for excuses to get out of work, then this article is for you. In this article we shall discuss about the various believable excuses that will never let your boss suspect your true intentions. Most of the times, it happens that we just don’t feel like working and don’t know how to get out. Many times you must have witnessed your colleagues getting caught or being refused leave for making lame excuses. In this article, you will learn about some excuses with which you can never go wrong.

We all need breaks which are at times, unscheduled. But many times we fail to get these breaks without raising any suspicion. One of the first things that you need to remember is that you need to be very confident while giving your boss excuses. You need to be prepared for all the questions that your boss might ask to cross check you. Mostly, people tend to lose their grip when bombarded with many questions and fail to convince. You need to be very patient and confident while explaining your boss, why you should be excused for the day.

Mentioned below are some excuses that will surely convince your boss and help you get a day or days off.

Excuses to get out of work

1. Co- workers

You need to lay down some basic foundation, before you could make any kind of excuse. Try to act in front of your co-workers so that you can first gain their confidence. Continuously tell your co- workers that you don’t feel well and are unable to concentrate in the work. As you continuously speak of your problems, the news will eventually reach your boss’s ears, who on hearing your co-workers will definitely excuse you for the day.

2. Diarrhoea

Now this is one problem on which no one has any kind of control. Tell your boss that your tummy is upset and you have been suffering from diarrhoea for some days. This excuse is sure to get you 2- 3 days off.

3. PMS

No one wants to mess with a woman having PMS! This excuse is sure to get you at least 2 days off every month. Try to appear little irritated while giving this excuse to make it appear real.

4. Need at Home

You can tell them that one of your family members seriously fell ill and so you have to take care of them. Though this is one of the most common excuses that almost everyone uses, try to add little bit of emotion to it, to make it look genuine. You can also say that your cousin or your sister is in labor and you need to be with her as you live nearby. This will get you a day or two off for sure.

5. Sick

Just by telling your boss that you are not well will not help you to get a day off. You have to sound more genuine. Mostly people use this excuse to get out of work, and so even bosses have grown used to these excuses. Try to find out some good medical terms that you can use to tell your boss what you are suffering from. This will surely convince him and get you 2- 3 days off. Try to appear genuine and make use of emotions.

6. Dentist Visit

Tell your boss that your tooth has been giving you some problems off lately. You have been trying to get an appointment with the dentist, which you finally got. You can ask your boss to excuse you for the day, as the tooth problem has to fixed because it is not allowing you to work properly. When you talk to your boss, try talking slowly and show him that you are in serious pain. Your boss will definitely excuse you for the day.

7. Marital Problems

Every relationship goes through rough times; it is the most inevitable thing in the world. Tell your boss that you are into depression as your relationship or marriage is facing lot of problems. Tell him that you have an appointment with the counsellor for the same. You can tell your boss that you need some time to resolve the problem as because of this, you are not able to think straight. Your boss will surely understand and get convinced and will give 4- 5 days off.

8. Migraine

With people making excuses of headaches and regularly getting rejected, this excuse will surely stand the test of time. People who have migraine or even mild migraine know the amount of pain that one has to bear. Usually, people are unable to bear a normal headache. Tell your boss that you have migraine and the pain is shooting. Tell your boss that due to pain you will not be able to work as your whole concentration will be on pain. Once your boss knows that you have migraine problems, you can use this excuse in future too. This excuse is sure to get you more days off.

9. Sprain

Make a call to your boss telling him/ her that while you were on your way to the office, you twisted your ankle. Since you are unable to walk, due to lot of pain, you will not be able to come to the office. Tell your boss that you are at the hospital and getting treated for the twisted ankle. We all must have suffered from sprain due to twisted ankle. The shooting pain that one feels in twisted ankle is very much. This excuse will help you get 3- 4 days off.

10. Burglary

Now you need to be very careful while using this excuse. Tell your boss that in the past few days, your neighborhood has witnessed lot of burglary, and so you need a day off as you want to install a new security system at your place. Since, everybody knows the importance of security system, no one will question or ask you to do it later, as things like these should be done on priority basis.

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