Everyday Hairstyles For Long Hair

Hair and hairstyles make the personality of a person. It makes a person look more confident and is an immensely important part of dressing up. Proper hair care and maintenance is required to add a zing to a person’s personality. Some hairstyles give a classic look and others give confidence to carry oneself well. A woman should be very careful in choosing her hairstyle as not all the hairstyles go well with every face.

A person spends almost half of his/her lifetime in making efforts to have a good personality, which is appealing and graceful.  This is not possible without having strong lustrous hair. Having healthy hair is very similar to having a healthy body and ways to achieve healthy body and hair are similar in many ways.  Different hairstyles do make the face look good but healthy hair compliment every hairstyle. Hairstyles change with time but one thing that remains the same is the need of strong, shiny tresses. One trend that never goes out is long hair. They compliment everyone and give an uplift of the poise of a woman. Whether tied or left loose, they make a style statement. There is a never ending debate on how to make your hair healthy and shiny but the age old wisdom remains the same. Use natural products and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Mentioned below are some everyday hairstyles for long hair.

everyday hairstyles for long hair

1. Sock-Burn Curls

Curls are always in fashion. They are a great choice for long hair because they give bounce and sheen to the hair. Those women who have straight hair can go for curls as their hair will get more volume. This hairstyle can be done easily at home with a pair of socks.

Your hair should be slightly damped, take a small section of your hair and wrap it around a sock and tie a knot. Repeat the same procedure for all your hair. Go to bed and when you wake up in the morning; remove the socks from your hair. You will get perfect curls without the use of a hair dryer.

2. Knotted Ponytail

Ponytails are a great way of solving bad hair days. When your hairs do not look so good, just make it into a ponytail for a smart look. Apply a little holding mousse to your hair from roots to the end. Now divide your hair in two sections. Get the section from the back forward and tie the two sections into a simple knot. Now secure the two sections by the means of a rubber band, slide it up underneath the knot and hide it. Your cute ponytail is ready.

3. Side Bun

Buns are a great way of handling long hair. They look elegant with formals or in office. In a party, buns look very classy. To make this simple side bun, you just need 5 minutes. Make a low side ponytail and twist it into a bun, pin it nicely. Press the bun a little bit and let loose hair fall on your hair. Your elegant bun is ready to flaunt.

4. Braided Ponytail

This ponytail is a good option for offices, college or a girl’s day out with friends. It can be easily made and will make you look younger. You just have to divide your hair into two sections and start making a fishtail braid. Once you have made it from left to right, then tie rest of your hair with a ponytail. It is simple and looks good.

5. High Ponytail

High ponytails are great for summers and formal meetings. They make you look suave and elegant. For a sleek high ponytail, you will need to straight your hair with a flat iron. Separate the first section of your hair for the puff and pin it up. Brush the rest of hair in an upward direction and tie in into a high ponytail. Now release the front section and divide it into 3-4 parts. In the back section, spray hairspray and start teasing till the front section. Now comb the puff and the ponytail gently and put pins to manage your hair.

6. Beach Waves

Wavy hair looks good in all styles and all occasions. Whether it is in office or parties or weddings, waves are all-time-in-fashion. This hairstyle can be made at home without blow-dry. Spray your hair with some water and dampen it. Now twist the two sections around each other, when you reach the end, roll the hair into a bun and tie it with a band. Make a tight bun and keep it for minimum two hours.

Open the bun, and separate the curls gently. Apply some serum if you want some sheen. Your beach waves are ready.

7. Bubble Braid

Braids are always in fashion and look great on long hair. The longer your hair, the better the braid will look. This bubble braid is a great hairstyle for college and hangouts with friends.

To make this braid, make a low ponytail in the centre or sideways. Now tie it with a band, tie another band about 2-3 inches and so on till you reach the end. Your bubble braid is ready to flaunt.

8. Braided Headband

This hairstyle is a must for those who like boho style. It is easy to make and looks chic. Divide your hair into two sections and start making pigtails. Now braid your hair underneath your ears. Tie each braid with an elastic band and pull the braids over your ears like a crown and tuck them underneath each other.  Pin the braids and set them with a hairspray. This hairstyle can be complimented with a one-piece dress to the beach.

9. Voluminous Curls

If you have had beach curls, then this is the time for having voluminous curls. They are big and bold and will give your personality, the perfect uplift. For getting these curls, use flexi rods. Remember the bigger the rods, the looser your curls will be.

Divide your hair from the middle and start with the hair at the back. Twist each section around the flexi rod, once it is done, twist the rod and leave it. Tie the whole bunch of hair in a silk scarf overnight. Take off the rods in the mornings, your voluminous curls are ready!

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