Embarrassing Truth or Dare Questions



  • Make prank calls on a particular number.
  • Act like a monkey for ten seconds.
  • Sing a sad song and dance like Michael Jackson on it.
  • Kiss a person of the same sex in this room.
  • Call your crush and tell her mother that you want to kiss her daughter.
  • Eat a cup of salt.
  • Put an ice cream in your mouth until it melts.
  • Read your personal diary loudly.
  • Lick a toilet seat.
  • Pour a bottle of honey over your head.
  • Go outside nude, and say hi to everyone who passes by.
  • Put a pencil in your nose.
  • French kiss a person you like in this group.
  • Kiss all persons of the same sex in this room.
  • Walk like a dog.
  • Stand on your head and walk for ten seconds.
  • Wear off your clothes in front of us.
  • Put your underwear in your mouth.
  • Suck your wet and dirty socks.
  • Put a dragon in your neck.
  • Kiss a snake.
  • Eat a soap cake.
  • Act like a hen.
  • Show us dirty messages in your cell phone.
  • Show us a porn video.
  • Act like your favorite porn star.
  • Take a photo of an ass and make it your profile picture.
  • Text your biggest enemy and say sorry to him or her.
  • Frequently knock at the door of your neighbor and run from there.
  • Wear a weird dress and act like an item girl.
  •  Slap the person sitting left to you.
  • Put a cake on your face.
  • Call your girlfriend or boyfriend and ask him or her to meet you right now.
  • Go outside and kiss the person you meet first.
  • Go out and propose a girl or boy.
  • Drink a bottle of whisky.
  • Cut your hair from one side.
  • Smell the mouths of everyone in this group.
  • Lick the bottom of your foot.
  • Have you ever fallen in love with someone who didn’t love you back?
  • Name the guy you hate in this group.
  • Act like you are with your wife or husband.
  • Slap everyone who says hello to you.
  • Call or text your mom and say that you are pregnant.
  • Stand on the road for half an hour and behave like a mad person.
  • Go outside and act like a beggar.
  • Call your girlfriend and say that you hate her.
  • Go to a doctor and say that you can’t see anything.
  • Give an extempore speech on sex.

To conclude, we can say that truth and dare game is the most entertaining and interesting game. It brings twist in a boring party and makes everyone laugh. More the player in a group playing this game, more will be the fun. However, you can also play it with two people. Besides fun, you also enjoy seeing your friends doing and saying embarrassing stuffs. So, if you too want to make the environment funnier and more interesting, host this game. It will be better to make a list of some embarrassing questions to ask the members, as you will not get enough time to think. However, make sure not to ask anything that may hurt the sentiments of a person. This amazing game helps you to bring out the hidden secrets of a person that shock everyone. The strict rule of this game is that you are not supposed to lie or refuse to complete the assigned task. If someone is not able to do a particular daring task, he or she should not choose ‘dare’. It can become an obstacle in your enjoyment. So, if you go through the above mentioned truth and dare questions, you will be able to bring an interest in your party or get together.

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