Easy Ways to be More Likable

We all want to be liked and loved. Most of times we understand what is that people like or dislike in us. Most of the time, we strain ourselves in pleasing everyone and hence, end up pleasing none. If you are someone who is wondering how to become more likeable, then this article will interest you. In this article, we will tell you easy ways to be more likeable that will help you build a good personality and will ooze your confidence. If you try to please everyone, you will be able to please none. In order to be more likeable you need to understand few things that the society demands.

There are certain types of manners which goes well with everyone.  There are some common basic requirements that everyone expects from others. Once, you are able to understand what that requirements are, you will automatically become the most liked person.  You need not make efforts to please everyone around you, all you need to do is just cultivate some good habits and practice good behavior that goes well with everyone. You need to understand a very important thing, in order to be likeable; you need not wait for people to praise you. Even if people don’t appreciate you on your face, you will know if they like you or not by their actions.

Mentioned below are some ways in which you can enhance your personality and become more likeable.

Easy ways to be more likable

1. Be Courteous

One of the most important attributes that this world is to be polite and courteous. No one likes to be in the company of those who are rude and ill-mannered. Always try to be calm. You need to be calm even in the worst of the situations. Mostly, we have witnessed around us people losing their cool in a heated moment. Learn to be courteous, even when circumstances are not going in your favor.

Use the magic words, please, thank you and sorry. Once people notice that you are behaving well with them, they will like you and your company. People like to be in the company of someone who is cool-headed and well mannered. Seldom, you will find these qualities in one person. Be the one who knows how to behave well even in the worst of situations.

2. Be Ready to Help

A helping nature is sure to take you a long way. People who are always willing to help others are the ones who are actually liked by everyone. But, you need to be very genuine and honest in your approach. If you are faking your helping nature, then it might give you some short term results, but in the long run, you will be despised.

Be helpful only if you can help. Don’t try to be helpful in situations when you can actually offer no help. In order to have a helpful nature, you need to understand that it extends even to the enemies. You need to have a big heart in order to extend a helping hand to your enemies. Be always ready to help and do your best.

3. Smile

They say, ‘a smile is curve that sets everything straight!’ then why hesitate to smile. Be always joyful. No one wants to be around people who are negative in their thinking. By being joyful, you send across a positive vibe, which makes others feel good. You can smile and make people feel good about themselves. But, make sure your smile doesn’t look like you are mocking someone.

When you walk on the streets, you can greet people with a smile. You can be very positive in your approach towards life and that is sure to attract more people. Don’t force yourself to smile. It should be genuine. When you are happy from inside, people will notice it. But, if from inside you are filled with negativity, then your smile will not have any kind of charm.

4. Be Honest

An honest nature is sure to give you more likes than anything else. In this cut throat world, all that we can witness around us is dishonesty. The world has a great and deep longing for honest people. Learn to hold the hand of truth and walk diligently on it without fail. You need to have a very honest approach in everything you do in life. You need to face every situation, whether good or bad, in life with full honesty. Only then will you be able to understand life well and people will like you for that very reason.

Always be truthful. You need to understand that a lie can never fix anything. Although, at times it seems that lies are the sole remedy to a situation, but it only makes things worse. One lie leads to hundred more lies. Once you become habitual of lying, people will lose their trust in you. Always try to speak truth, so that people can put their trust in you.

5. Listen

Some people are quick to give a conclusion to a particular thing without even listening. Listening is a good skill and should be practiced very often. By lending your ears to what others have to say, you show interest in their lives and that makes them feel special. By listening you learn a lot. As the famous proverb goes, ‘wisdom comes by hearing!’ seems to be very apt if you want to develop your listening skills.

A good listener is always liked by everyone. When you listen to what others are saying, then you actually show respect to them and their point of view.

6. Be Good

One of the golden rules written in the pages of history which aims at teaching humans how to live is, ‘treat others how you want to be treated!’ At times we act very rudely to some people, backing ourselves with the reason that the fault was from the other person. When we put ourselves in their shoes, we certainly don’t want to be treated in that way, even if the mistake is ours.

We need to be good to others even in the worst of situations. By treating others in a good way, we are sure to get liked by many and similarly despised by many too.

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