Easy Ways of Rebuilding a Broken Friendship

Friendship is the first selfless relationship we make with the people whom we choose. It teaches us the first lessons of our lives. The moments one enjoys in friendship are hard to erase from the memory. From the first act of mischief to the first time when you did something good, friendship always plays a very vital role in building a good mentality in a person. Broken friendships, usually, leaves a person shattered and lonely. Friends are the only people in your life who are the first ones to speak your heart out and who understand your feelings. Their absence is always missed.

This article will equip you with easy ways of rebuilding a broken friendship. The worth of any person is not realised until he/ she is gone. Before you can consider the ways of rebuilding your friendship, give it a deep thought; why do you need your friend back? If you needed your friend so much, why did you let him/ her go in the first place? The reason for you to give these questions a deep thought is that you realise that life is too short to harbour any grudge or loose friends for petty issues. The solution to all the problems starts with an open and positive approach. As you consider the mentioned below ways of getting back your friend, make sure that once you get them back, you never let them go. After all, ‘friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies!’

broken friendship

1. Be Positive:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!’  As you take the first step in rebuilding your friendship, remember that the first step is always the hardest. The mind is devil and it knows how to play the tricks. The best approach that you can have if you truly want to get back your friend then, keep your approach positive. Nothing can be better than that.

A positive approach will help you in tackling problems that you face in your attempt to rebuild your friendship. No matter what the reason for the break-up is, the truth is that break-up does leave an impact on individuals. Friendship is a relationship that leaves a person shattered and distressed when it is broken due to any issue. Your friend might not welcome your gesture. Remember that your friend is bound to feel in that way and that should not act as a de-motivating factor in your approach. The only way a person can posses a positive approach is when he/she has hope. If you have been the reason for the collapse of your friendship, then be bold enough to face the fire. Don’t back out when you can actually change the situation. If the mistake had been of your friend, then have a big heart and learn to forgive.

2. Be Forgiving:

Forgiveness is a selfish act; it not only helps you in mending broken relationships but also frees you from unnecessary tensions and problems that one gets with depression. If the mistake had been of your friend, forgive him/ her. Forgiveness is an extension of love. No one wants to forgive someone who has done something very wrong. But, by keeping a grudge inside, we deprive ourselves of the peace. The best thing to do in situations like these is to let your feelings go. You can only let your feelings go by being generous in forgiving.

By forgiving someone, you can give him/her a chance to change.  If your friend has been mean to you in the past, you can give your friend a chance to change by forgiving. Love can change a person, not hatred. Lend him/her a helping hand by stretching out the healing hand of friendship towards your friend.

3. Be Bold:

If the mistake has been yours, if you were the bone of contention in the friendship, then it’s time for you to mend your ways. A man can run away from everyone but not from his inner conscience. If you want things to get normal and better, be bold and correct yourself. You can be open about your mistakes and talk to people who can correct you. If the reason had been your anger, lies etc. it is best to seek help for this and then approach your friend.

As you approach your friend, don’t expect him/her to accept you at once. When you hurt someone who is close to you, it takes them time to recover from that feeling of hurt. Apologise to them for your mistake and as you seek their forgiveness, be patient. Forgiveness takes time to work in the lives of people. As they say, time is the best healer – don’t expect things to become normal immediately after apologising to them. Give them time to think. Always remember; friendship can never be forced.

4. Be Patient:

As you make attempts to rebuild your broken friendship, learn to be patient. It takes time even for a painkiller to start its effect! Usually, the attitude of people in situations like these is impatient. They expect things to become alright at once. You need to understand that things will become alright when you work for their betterment with true intentions, but the process of healing is a slow process.

As you and your friend recover from the pain of broken friendship, it is best for you to give yourself and your friend time to get out of it. Hurry burry spoils the curry, and if you take any step impatiently, then it may work against you and spoil the already spoiled friendship.

5. Be Expressive:

You need to be expressive as you try to get your friend back. Talk openly to him/her about what you think went wrong. Although, it is advisable not to dig the old graves but if you have to do it to analyse what went wrong, then do it in a way that doesn’t bring bad memories back. Tell your friend openly whatever you have to say and also give him an equal chance to express him/her self. This will make your friend comfortable and he/ she will be able to sort out the differences in a better way and thus you both can rebuild the broken friendship.

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