Easy Ways of Flirting with a Girl in Middle School

Middle school life is interesting and entertaining. The only time in life where you are born to enjoy the graces of life and love! At this age, girls are full of boy-talks, they are classic cases of attention seekers, they have their own set of girl friends around whom their lives revolve and their taste in music and movies are slightly varied. If you have found a liking for girl in middle school, then it is time to act on it. There is no time to sit and stare at the girl. By the time you figure out some way, you might have lost on the girl. There are some great ways to let the girl know you like her, flirt with her, then get close to her. Try them on and you would definitely win the girl over.

flirting middle school

1. Make Your Presence Felt

Many a times you would see that the girl you like so much does not even seem to know you exist. If this has happened to you, you know that it is time to make your presence felt. Instead of being a jerk and getting rejected from being a friend, try to make her realize you are there with subtle approaches. If she is stuck with something, you could help her. Just don’t show over-eagerness while you are doing that.

2. The Friend Way

Most times, you would just go and stun the girl by asking her out the first instance. If you like the girl, approach her as a friend first. Help her out and make her feel cared about. You could begin your conversation by talking on a film that you noticed is on-air in some theatre. You could get her started with some talks on music you heard recently. Once the girl starts, you could ask her about her likes and dislikes. This is the best way to begin being with a girl.

3. The Good Listener

If you are a good listener, you have won half the game anyway. A girl loves to talk and, she would appreciate her companion to be genuinely interested in her talks. This very simply means you cannot sit like a dud and listen to her half-heartedly. Questioning her on the various topics, giving out some ideas and making conversation is what she is expecting. Of course this surely does not mean you interrupt her but you can start your talks once she is done with hers. A girl loves to talk and if you like her, allow her to converse the way she wants to.

4. Compliments, The Winning Edge

A girl falls flat over compliments. You could compliment her on her way of dressing up. A girl loves to know that her choices are fantastic and someone approves of them. A middle school girl looks forward to approval and compliments and, if she gets both of them from a guy, she is totally into you. You could always tell her how much you love that smile of hers. Cheesy – but works every time. Don’t go overboard with compliments as it may put off the girl. But, when she comes out for a dinner date with you, you can always impress her by complimenting her on her style, dressing and everything.

5. Confidence is Your Key

You need to appear confident to win the girl over. When you talk, even if you don’t feel confident, try to bring out the confidence in your voice. When you walk over and talk to a girl with such brilliant confidence, she notices you better. Confidence pays off in every walk of life. So remember, if you are not confident, you are not going to make a long lasting impression on the girl.

6. Technology Flirting

With the advent of communication, technology has made way to help create a difference in the way you flirt. While in earlier times face to face was the only way you could flirt with a girl. Today, the generation has slightly changed. Now, you have the social networking sites, phone messengers’ etc. that work their way out to help you win the girl over. You can always add the girl you like on to your network and get started. Slowly and gradually, she would appear on your phone messenger list. That is your take off time. Sweet talk to her over the messages! All of these modern gadgets surely help you get along the line of flirting.

7. Keep Your Wit High

Be it middle school or otherwise, girls fall for wit. If you can make her laugh, you know you have flattered the girl well. Flattery is an art which only wit can accomplish. A good-humored guy is always preferred over a guy who is serious about everything. Yes, a girl loves to be taken care of and all. But, she needs to be amused and, given some doses of laughter as well. You should never get into cheap or disgusting humor. Make sure it is witty and nice.

8. The Personalized Gifts

A brilliant way to ensure your message gets through to the girl. Make a USB drive full of all the beautiful songs she loves tapping her feet to, and present it to her. If you are good at sketching, you could gift a portrait of her. Girls love such personalized gifts and, this would talk of your care to her.

9. The Gentle Touch

Middle school girls love it when the guy is caring and proves it by the way he touches. Shuffling her hair, planting a kiss on her forehead, playing with her hair etc. are all signs that the guy truly cares. A girl loves these friendly touches. It would help increase the closeness between the two of you. You could even hold her hand when walking or during a play.

When you approach a girl in middle school, make sure it is very subtle. Do not be too clingy or act like a jerk. Make an impression that lasts for a long time.

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