Easy Tips To Conserve New Hair Color

Coloring the hair in different shades has indeed become the new trend. Everyone has turned to highlighting and trying out new shades on their tiny strands of hair. Spikes with different shades or a single strand possessing a certain shade is all in. It takes a lot of money to get this tiny strand colored as per your choice. So, should you not be maintaining it as well? Many of you go and get your hair colored but, only a few of you tend to maintain that color. Yes, it requires a little, if not much, effort to maintain that sweet shade on your strand. After all you have invested in that color and, given you hair a new look. Here are some easy ways to ensure your hair color has a long life so that your money is not wasted.

Easy Tips To Conserve New Hair Color

The Apple Cider Rinse

After getting a highlight done and, before shampooing your hair get an apple cider rinse! This is suggested by most hair experts. The reason being when you shampoo your hair directly after highlighting them, there are chances that you might lose a lot of pH balance. It is very necessary that you restore the pH that has been lost in the process of hair color and the chemical add on to the hair. So, before adding any more chemical ingredient and ruining your hair, get an apple cider rinse. You would see fine glowing hair along with radiant highlights.

Don’t Rinse too Often

Yes, a lot of people have the habit of washing their hair every day. But, once you have highlights done try not to rinse your hair way too often! The color would just wash away if you keep washing your hair every day. You should try to wash it probably every two days or something along that line. You should use dry shampoo while washing your hair. They are practically the friendly kinds when it comes to rinsing your hair after a sporty color. If you avoid rinsing too often, you might just offer your hair color a long life.

Choosing the Right Products

This is very important when it comes to survival of your hair color. You should use products that are rich in proteins. Keratin based products are the right kind for you if you have just colored your hair in different shades. There are many brands that offer keratin based products. You should consult a hair expert before choosing the product. Products are normally chosen based on your hair type and, the kind of brand that works best. Renowned brands would be the right choice for healthy and long lasting color. Also ensure you buy the products that are especially released for extending the hair color’s life. There are a lot of keratin based products that act as hair color life extenders.

UV Rays are Harmful

Sun is terribly sounded by the harmful UV radiation. Extended exposure in the sun can ruin the life of your hair color. Make sure you do not stay out in the sun with your hair exposed for a long time. This could also cause imbalance in your hair and, get the color ripped of your hair. UV rays can also damage your hair in a lot many ways. So, make sure you step out of your home with your hair covered. Unnecessary exposure to the sun should always be avoided when you have colored your hair. This would definitely give a long life to your hair color

Avoid Chlorinated Water

A dip in the pool rejuvenates you! Very true! But, if you have just highlighted those beautiful strands along the lines of your hair make sure you do not enter the pool containing chlorinated water. This kind of water ruins the hair color and, rinses it off immediately. The amount of money and time invested in getting those strands colored gets done with in no time. You are left with damaged and unconditioned hair when you dip those beautiful strands in this water. So, if you are really in for a dip in the pool, wear a swimming cap. This would protect your hair completely.

Say no to Hot Water

When you try to rinse your hair with hot water, it opens up the cuticles thus causing a problem with the hair color. Instead of ruining the hair color on day one itself, wash your hair with shampoo in cold water. This would help maintain the hair color and also smoothen your hair. You would love your hair when it is washed and conditioned with proper products in the right temperature of water.

Heat Styling is Harmful

You may wish to style your hair after having colored the highlights. Remarkable wish indeed! But, remember the moment you go in for styling, you may weaken the hair color. If you wish to blow dry your hair or set them perfectly, try to use the cooler modes. The hot mode would just worsen the hair color and, make your hair untidy. The entire color would wash away if you try to blow dry using the hot setting. You can always pick a product that is thermal resistant, maybe a shampoo or conditioner. This product will help you gain some protection in case you use the hot setting on your dryer by mistake.

Get Glossing Treatments

If you have spent some time and money getting your hair colored, spend a little more time in ensuring its perfect health. Why not go to the salons and, get a glossing treatment for your hair done. This would help increase the shine on your hair and, make the hair color stay on for a longer time. These treatments are often packaged with the hair color too. You could pick up a package of this sort and, visit the parlor on a regular basis to ensure you get your money’s worth with your hair color.

Just follow these few easy steps and give your brilliant hair color a long life.

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