Easy Jobs That Pay Well

Right from your childhood, you often keep wishing about spending your entire life as if it were a dream where you got paid handsomely for practically doing nothing. Winning a multimillion dollar lottery or sweepstake would make sure that you live life king-size. Or, you can keep your fingers crossed about that endowment check if you have parents with deep pockets. Outside of that, you’d have to work to lead the kind of life you dreamt about in your childhood.

However, if you’re confident that someday you’ll land that ‘cushy job’ where you’d be raking in the moolah without overexerting yourself then don’t give up. Even in these depressive times when finding a job can be quite backbreaking and tough, there are many job positions and vocations where you can earn good without putting in too much effort. There are many freelance writers, funeral service managers, tour guides, power plant operators, and food critics who earn as much as a successful doctor, engineer or lawyer, a fact that you may find hard to believe.

Yes, there are many odd jobs and offbeat professions that can easily make it to Ripley’s ‘Believe it or Not’ book. To work in most of these so called ‘unusual’ positions or callings, you don’t have to be very qualified, academically speaking. And if you’re someone who’d rather prefer to work on his or her terms instead of getting stuck in the 9-5 daily grind, then also you’ll have enough scope.

People have different reasons for seeking out jobs that not only give them the optimum opportunity to earn a respectable sum but also let them reach the pinnacle in their respective specialization areas. Those individuals who’re in a creative profession would rather choose to work for themselves to give full vent to their creativity. Then there are persons who’d prefer to work as a freelancer because they want flexibility with working hours.

Then there are those who suddenly find themselves unemployed either because they’ve been retrenched or because their establishments have closed down. These people are desperately on the lookout for an engagement where they’ll not be constantly haunted by a feeling of insecurity and able to derive job satisfaction. Then again, there are professionals who’re simply tired of working in their present positions and would not think twice about giving up their jobs if they go the opportunity to do something more exciting and inspirational.

So, whatever be your reason for seeking a comfortable job position that also pays quite well, you’d need to have that creative spark in you. Furthermore, you should be prepared to work beyond the regular hours and not get daunted by risks. Contrary to what most people presuppose, the road to achieving success in a cool job is paved with uncertainties. It’s the ‘uncertainty’ factor that deters many people from even considering an odd or unusual job or profession, let alone gets started with it. So if you’re confident that you have that creative streak in you and willing to take the rough with the smooth, you can apprise yourself of the following Easy Jobs That Pay Well.

Easy Jobs That Pay Well

1. Computer Software Programmer or Software Engineer

You’d find these professionals almost always wired to their computers either feverishly typing on the keyboard or creating innovative designs and structures. Software engineers and programmers are specialists in designing, creating, and maintaining highly sophisticated and complex computer networks for large companies and multinational corporations. You can either work as a salaried employee in a big organization or set up your own consultancy.

You can expect an annual CTC (your take home pay) in the range of $ 1, 25,000-1, 30, 000. Barring exceptional circumstances, this is one job that is relatively stress free compared to a hazardous job position like a fire-fighter or a colliery worker.

2. Marketing Research Director or Consultant

There used to be a time when this position required one to work in close co-operation with various interest groups, and relate personally with different stratum of people. The marketing research director even two decades back maintained contact with both influential people and the man on the street in real time. However, with the advent of the Internet, the market research expert spends the better part of the day sifting through reams of paper and screening millions of bytes of online data.

So, if you think you have a penchant for separating the grain from the chaff as a marketing research strategist, you can apply for a similar position in a commercial organization. After you’ve amassed sufficient experience, you can establish your own consultancy. As a market research manager, you can earn in the region of $1, 24,000 to $ 1, 30, 000 but you’d have to be prepared to sit in front of a computer for hours on end. That’s the only issue which might cause some stress but that’ll again depend on how well you like your job and your stamina.

3. Massage Therapist

This definitely is one of the cushiest jobs you can have which is almost stress-free. Just think of the enticing and invigorating environs you get to work in. If you can strike a good rapport with some of the clients of the health spa or beauty salon where you’d find yourself working initially, you can send them invitations if and when you become self-established. As far as investments are concerned, you’d have to enrol for an approved program or course in massage therapy to get the certification for working as a massage therapist.

As far as academic qualifications are concerned, you’d just need to be a pass-out from a senior secondary school. Working for at least two to three years in a massage parlor or beauty salon will give you the requisite experience to go solo. You can expect an annual income of $ 26,000 at the entry level stage that can go up to $ 52,000 when you become a senior massage therapist.

4. Freelance Writer

If you consider yourself to be quite an expert in wielding the pen and have the ability to churn out articles and blogs then you can earn quite a lot and effortlessly at that. There are many individuals and institutions out there that have their own websites and portals but need the services of  content writers on a continual basis for writing blogs and creating content. You can work as a part-time or full time freelance writer depending on your priorities.

If you have a flair for writing, your writing skills could help you to supplement your main source of livelihood. Initially, you’ll have to struggle to get projects and assignments but once you prove your worth, your hands will be full of work. However, you’ll have to be very particular about completing assignments within deadlines.

Your texts should also be original and free from plagiarism. As a freelance writer you can make anything from $ 29,000-$ 1, 01, 000 on a yearly basis. Your textual skills, the number of hours you’re willing to work, and your work experience will have a bearing on your income.

5. Tourist Guide

If you take a more than usual interest in historical monuments and sites, and places of tourists’ interest, then you can mull over working as a guide for tourists. If you love going places then your job as a travel guide will be like being on a perpetual pleasure trip. Your job as a travel guide is cut-out for you.

You’ll be responsible for giving detailed information not only about the places where a particular tourist or a group of travelers will be touring but also about the ancient and modern landmarks in a region. You’ll have to answer tourists’ queries to their satisfaction. The educational qualifications and job profile may vary from agency to agency. You can make upwards of $ 55,000 annually as a tourist guide.

6. Mystery Shopper

If you’re a shopaholic or look forward to dining in high end restaurants every weekend, then you’d really love to get into the shoes of a mystery shopper. For quite sometime now, mystery shopping has been used as a standard strategy or technique by many shopping malls, retail apparel and food chains to find out about customers’ shopping experience. As a mystery shopper, you’d have to step into a departmental store or a retail outlet (the shop that needs to be surveyed) and pretend to be a real customer buying goods or merchandise.

You’ll have to talk with the sales staff and other employees in that establishment just in the same way a client would. Later on, you make your inferences regarding the approach of the sales staff customers’ opinions about the quality of service and so on report your findings to the organization’s proprietor. Finding a job as a legal mystery shopper is quite tough. If you apply online, your inbox will be flooded with job offer emails most of which are likely to be hoaxes. However, if you’re preserving enough, you’ll land a legit mystery shopping job sooner or later.            

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