Drinking Myths Debunked Downright

We have all heard a variety of drinking stories and hangover cures. Everyone has that one friend who drinks like crazy, feels pathetic and next day comes up with some silly solution for a hangover.

Of late, I have come across so many ridiculous drinking myths that I feel a dire need to debunk a few of them.  Drinking myths debunked the subject of this article will take you through the various myths that are associated with this habit that many want to overcome. People have been telling us drinking and hangover legends for a long time now. Although some of them are harmlessly interesting, some are downright preposterous. Let us look at a few of my favorites.

1. Want to Sober up? Drink Coffee

Want To Sober Up? Drink Coffee

Not one bit! Coffee won’t sober you up, and guess what will ‘nothing’. You just need to wait for your system to purge itself of alcohol. What coffee is going to do is probably make you an alert drunk, which is worse than a lazy one. You might not even get your desired 40 winks and the hangover tomorrow might be worse than ever.

2. That Fat Belly is Because of all the Beer you Drink

That Fat Belly Is Because Of All The Beer You Drink

Believe it or not, a ‘beer belly’ is another popular myth making the rounds. A beer belly is not the result of the calories in the drink, it is a result of the calories you consume eating your favorite onion rings, pizzas and steaks with the beer. Scientist feel that beer increases appetite and you end up eating more than usual. This results in a weight gain around the waist.

3. Drinking Kills Brain Cells

Drinking Kills Brain Cells

How many times did you hear that from your mum, dad or teachers when you were a kid? Interestingly enough, this myth was floated by some people with a slow brain function themselves! Also, recent studies have shown that moderate (only, moderate) consumption of alcohol can improve brain function.

4. Women and Men Can Drink as Much As Each Other

Women And men Can Drink As Much As Each Other

Girls, I am all for gender equality but sorry – you just can’t drink as much as the boys. Women have less alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes, which break down alcohol, in their blood.

5. Don’t Mix and Drink

Don’t Mix And Drink

One of the most popular myths is that mixing drinks will get you more drunk than sticking to one drink. Then a ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ (cocktail of vodka, gin, and tequila with rum) should be the absolute worse. However that’s really not the case.

6. Alcohol Makes you a Better ‘Lover’

lcohol Makes You A Better ‘Lover’

You may feel like a smooth operator after throwing back booze but are your drinking buddies really as charmed as you think they are? Not really. Shakespeare debunked this alcohol myth in another of his plays, “Macbeth,” when the porter says that drink “provokes the desire, but takes away the performance.” The bard was right. Alcohol may put you in the mood and shut off your natural inhibitions, so you may be more confident while you go on to approach your partner, but if you’re drunk, you can forget about acting on your desires. “Men who are too drunk, often can’t perform,” he says.

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