Download Google Chrome installer offline in 3 easy steps

offline version of google chromeAs most of us are now using the well known speedy browser Google Chrome which is gifted to us by Google. Google Chrome is a super fast browser in all around the world with very low memory usage and with a cool interface. encem

All is good except when it comes to download and installing the browser. Google only provides with a online installer which is a pain for users with slow internet speeds.tension

I have personally always preferred the offline versions of installers. So I finally got the trick for getting the offline version so that I can install it every time I need with or without the internet connection.

This simple 3 basic steps and the trick will give you how to save the installer of Google Chrome and get the offline version of Google Chrome:

01. Go to the download page of Google Chrome at FileHippo (so as to get the latest version build number).

02. Now only check the build number of Google Chrome, Only the xxx.xx part is important. See the screenshot below:
get the offline verion of google chrome, build number

03. Now go to your browser’s address bar, and copy and paste the below text:

Replacing the xxx.xx with the build number you found in step 2. [As in my case it is 154.43]

So the download link becomes:

Use this method every time to get the offline version of this cool browser.

Good Luck! senyum


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