Smart Tricks That Tell you How to Disturb ur Guy

So, you are having a tough time in your love life? Your guy is too busy in his professional life or has way too much on his itinerary to keep him occupied. So, what should you do? Should you start looking for a new guy or get into that melancholic brooding mood? Well, none of the two is advisable for it only brings pain and agony for you. Get to know about these ways that tell you how to disturb ur guy and you will find out the cure for an indifferent or busy boyfriend or husband.

1. Text him Romantic and Flirty Messages

Nothing disturbs a guy as much as text messages. Imagine he is in an office meeting and you start bombarding his cellphone with flirty, naughty, funny and all kinds of messages. It will really disturb him; both positively and negatively. He might feel inclined to text back or come to you or he might even feel damn irritated. Either of the possibilities cannot be ruled out. Anyway, carry on because it disturbs him and brings your pleasure.

Text him Romantic and Flirty Messages

2. Drop at his Office Unannounced

You can do this as well to make him realize that there is a partner who needs attention and care. It will really disturb him to see you in his office. So, plan it on one fine day and go to his office. Just go to him and tell him that you were missing him so dearly that you could not stop yourself from coming to him. If he is considerate he will understand you and if he is not it will irritate him. In either case, you will feel good.

Drop at His Office Unannounced

3. Plan out a Party With his Friends and Invite him

This will really get on his nerves but don’t worry the aftermath of the party is sure to lift up his mood. He can’t refuse you because you have invited his friends. So, he will be forced to come to the party and not only this, he will also be forced to act happy during the entire party and sport a sweet smile. So, your mission is complete. You have disturbed him and brought him before you.

 Plan out a Party with his Friends and Invite him

4. Send Him Your Flirty Videos and Pictures

This is also a good idea to distract your boyfriend or husband. Give him a titillating dose of what you possess and tell him what he is missing out on by being busy and preoccupied. No man can ignore the charm of such pictures and videos. He will begin missing you terribly and it is pretty certain that he will call you and come back to you. Even if he does not call or come, you have given him enough fodder to give him sleepless nights. It is only a matter of time before he comes up to you and tells you how dearly he missed you.

Send Him Your Flirty Videos and Pictures

5. Send him Movie Tickets and Invite him for a Movie

So, you are upset and annoyed that you have not spent quality time with your spouse or your boyfriend. Don’t bother much. Think of bothering him and one good way to do this is by sending him movie tickets and asking him to join you at the theatre. Tell him that you will keep waiting outside the venue and would not enter inside, if he does not come. Also, tell him that you will not come back and spend all the time outside the theater till the movie is being shown inside.

Send Him Movie Tickets and Invite Him For a Movie

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