Different Ways To Say I Love You

One of the most amazing feelings in the world is the feeling of love. Love is God’s greatest gift to mankind. Without love, it will be impossible to imagine the world. Nothing can make this feeling better than expressing it to the one you love. Yet, we see around us many people struggling to express their love to the ones they love. Even in relationships, people shy away from expressing their love at times. There are different ways to say I love you and this article will focus on just that. If you are wondering what could be the different ways in which you can tell your partner how much you love them and what they mean to you; then read on.

Though love is a verb, but at times it becomes more than important to say it too. It is very important to tell our loved ones how much we love them and how much they mean to us. From time to time, we must make it a habit to tell, to express our love. Many times, a lot of relationships ends as both the people suspect lack of love. Although, love is very much there in actions, words play a very important role in keeping a relationship intact.

Mentioned below are some of the ways which will help you to tell your partner how much you love them in different ways.

Different ways to say i love you

1. Cards

Though it is slightly traditional, but you can never go wrong with a card. Choose the card very carefully. With different themes and designs available in the market, you get to choose from the variety to see what fits the occasion and speaks the best that is in your mind regarding love. You can simply give it to them or keep them in their bag, so that when they see it they know how much you love them.

A personalised message on the card will add more emotions to your love. If you are from the creative side, you can choose to write a poem or a song on the card. You can also write the lyrics of any of your partner’s favorite love song. A personalised touch will show your efforts and help you come more closer to the person you love. So, don’t just pick any card, choose the theme properly, add a personalised message and be very genuine in your approach.

2. Chocolates

Chocolates and love goes hand in hand. You can buy a box of chocolates and write a note on it expressing your love to the other person. The sweetness of chocolate and the emotions in the note are sure to send the right message across. This gesture is sure to bring smile on the face of the one you love.

3. Different Languages

Learn to say I love you in different languages and surprise the person whom you love. This gesture will not only show how much you love but also how much efforts you made to tell the other person what’s on your mind. As you express your love in different languages to your loved one, you will understand the beautiful magic of love and words.

Words hold great power and when used wisely can really improve your status in the society and in the eyes of the one you love. You can learn to say the three magical words, I love you, in different languages by taking the help of people or the most reliable friend, Google.

4. A Simple Call

A simple call can also express your love to your loved ones. You can simply thank them for being in your life and helping you through tough times and tell them how much you love them. Sometimes all you need to do is just say it without any hesitation. The loved one can be your parents, girlfriend/ boyfriend, or wife/ husband. A simple recognition of their presence in your life is sure to make them feel wanted and appreciated.

5. Scenic Beauty

When it comes to beauty, nature is best at it. Take your partner out and watch the sunrise and sunset together before you tell her/ him how much you love and care for them. The beautiful ambiance created by nature and your words of love are sure to have a very sweet and loving effect on your loved one. You can make that day special for your loved one and he/ she will remember it all the days of their life.

6. Love Letter

One of the oldest ways of expressing your love is through a hand written letter. Make sure you write down all the points that you want him/her to know and what you feel about them. Try to be specific and explain why you love them. You can do so by praising them.

7. Plan a Date

If it has been some time since you went out with your partner, then you can do so by planning a perfect date. You can choose to go on a romantic dinner or catch a movie. Try to spend quality time with your partner and when you think it is the right moment, tell him/ her the three magical words.

8. Play a Song

If you know how to play any music instrument, you can play and dedicate a song to the one you love. You can also take your partner out for a karaoke night and sing a love song that will send the message loud and clear to him or her.

9. Tattoo

Get the tattoo of your beloved’s initial on your body. Nothing can be a better way to express your love to your beloved. It will be a very emotional moment when your beloved see the tattoo and will remember your efforts all the days of their life.

10. Surprise Party

You can call up all your beloved’s friends and plan a surprise party. This will not only allow your beloved to come closer to his/ her friends but also tell them that you love them and care for them.

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