Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out

Okay, so there you are watching the girl of your dreams, or at least the girl you are interested to go out with, and you have no idea how to ask her out! You realize that plainly asking her out just won’t do, because she is that cute and maybe that special. But then also, there might be fierce “competition” to take her out and for you to stand any chance, you have to be creative and be cute at the same time. Fear not, as there are some cute ways to ask a girl out that would definitely- or almost always definitely- illicit a ‘yes’ from her.

Now, let us get one thing straight before we proceed any further – we focus here on the cutest ways; and when I say cute, some of the ways can also be classified under cheesy or corny, but cute they still are and effective, most certainly. Women appreciate the effort that you put into such methods and frankly, cuteness appeals to their innate nature. Remember now that, even though these methods are effective, the most crucial aspect of them all is – timing. Timing is just as, and probably more, important than all the little plans you have setup. You must gauge the situation at hand and try to work in the plan accordingly or else face the ignominy of being shot down, maybe even in front of others. If you do not get the timing- of when, where and what way-  right, you could end up creating an awkward situation from which you will find it hard to recover and ask her out again, as more often than not you get only one shot and it’s all about making that count. That being said, here are some ideas that could ignite the creative spark in you in your quest to ask out that one (or many) beautiful girl.


1. Treasure Hunt Routine

Yes, it has been tried out before, but it still is one of the most charming and exciting ways to make a girl want to go out with you. Leave clues such as notes, arrows or chocolates, each leading to the next clue until she reaches the last one that pops up the question: “Will you go out with me?” You can make it more interesting by writing poems or using coded language in each of the note. This method is sure to raise her anticipation and excitement as it indulges the most important need of a woman or a girl- the need to feel special. If done tastefully, she will appreciate the effort you put into it and will be excited to go out with you.

2. Magic in Lyrics

Write and send her a personalized poem that ends up rhyming with “Would you go out with me?” or write a song and string a few lines to her on a guitar and ask her out through the song. Every girl has a secret desire to be regaled with beautiful piece of poetry or song and as such a personalized one would be just the way to go if you want to ask her out. If you are not good at writing one of your own and is uncomfortable getting one off the internet, then you might want to try burning a CD with romantic songs that are essentially about asking out a girl; you could give the CD directly to her or send it to her in mail or place it outside her door. The personal touch here should be enough to woo her and prove to her that you could go to troubles, just to make her happy.

3. Love Blossoms in Flowers

Sending her flowers is another cute way to ask her out. Not necessarily roses, although they do seem to have a greater affinity towards a woman’s heart, but flowers in general are a great way to pave your way to a woman’s heart. Women, unless of course she is not allergic towards them, love to receive them. Send it to her house or work and it instantly cheers her up; add a note asking her out, and considering the pleasantly happy mood she would be in, she is bound to respond in the affirmative.

4. Send a Note

There are many cute ways to send your message through a note. You could attach your note, asking her to go out with you, to a remote control plane and fly it over to her; better yet, you could send her the note by using carrier pigeons. I must admit, it could be a tad too cheesy to send a pigeon just to ask her out on a first date, but it certainly conveys your heart and desire and women will love all the fuss. Another way of sending her a note is by accompanying it with chocolates. Women normally fall hook, line and sinker for chocolates and a complimentary note asking her out will turn out to be too tempting for her to resist. Other ways to send a note is by writing it down on balloons, on stuffed toys and by hiding it in the fortune cookies. All these say cute, albeit a little cheesiness. But then again, as already mentioned, if done tastefully, even the cheesiest of moves can be endearing.

5. Bake that Date

This is definitely another one of the slightly-over-the-top ideas. They say that food is the best way to a man’s heart, but there is no reason why it does not hold true when it comes to girl’s heart too. Bake a cake or a cup cake with the words “will you go out with me?” lined up across them and present it to your crush. This will be a pleasant surprise for her and she will love the gesture. You could also bake cookies and put each word of the sentence on 6 separate cookies.

These ideas coupled with careful planning will, in almost all likelihood, get you that date with the pretty damsel.

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