Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

Men go to great lengths to impress and woo the woman they take a fancy for. A love-struck man is very much like the frenetic March hare, which keeps tailing its female counterpart until and unless it gives up. In case you’re someone who’s been in a relationship with your girlfriend for quite sometime now, you know that the most challenging and nerve-wracking part in your affair is over.

You still remember those days when you were doggedly pursuing your love interest with the single-point objective of trying to impress and woo her. There’s no way you can forget the sleepless nights you spent frantically wondering whether your heartthrob would finally succumb to your romantic overtures and agree to go on a date with you. However, you’re surely aware that chasing a girl and then making her agree to go on dates is just the beginning of an association.

If you want to make the relationship enduring, you’d have to keep coming up with inventive ways of reinvigorating and revivifying it whenever your liaison seems to come to a standstill. However, you do not always have to think big to keep your affair going. Sometimes, even little gestures or acts of love like paying cute compliments, can equally impress your girlfriend as the big ticket demonstrations of affection.

As a man, haven’t you felt good when somebody complimented you for a job done well or simply said something nice about you? Towards that end, girls are even more easily bemused and charmed when they are the subject of humorous pickup lines and romantic gestures. As a man you really don’t have to try too hard to make your girlfriend feel extraordinarily special.

It’s an open secret that every woman loves to be the cynosure of her boyfriend’s eyes and love to be extolled about their beauty. Finding a girl who’d be nearly perfect for you in more ways than one is in itself a daunting task. But if you’ve been successful in your quest, you certainly wouldn’t want to let go of your partner by being apathetic and indifferent to her.

And you don’t always have to splurge money or spend big time to keep her enthralled. You just have to keep her in good humour by paying nice compliments from time to time. Maybe you’ve spent many an evening whispering one-liners and sweet nothings in her ears.

However, there might be moments or occasions when you’d get tongue-tied even though you sincerely want to shower her with the choicest pickup lines and compliments. There always will be those awkward moments when you’d be literally groping for words to construct a fitting compliment to pay to your flame. You know that she gets a high whenever you say something encouraging to her. So if you find yourself fumbling for the cute things to say to your girlfriend the next time you have a rendezvous with her, just recall a few of the following pickup lines or compliments and just shoot them off.

Cute things to say to your girlfriend

Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

  1. I’ll never, never, never get tired of saying that I love you in the same way I did when I saw you for the first time.
  2. I’ll always love you with the same intensity and passion as I did when we first met.
  3. Don’t think that I’m trying to flatter you if I tell you that you’re the cutest girl in the world.
  4. You always look stunning in any dress you wear.
  5. I know that you’d think I’m being naughty and mischievous if I tell you that you look more breathtaking when you’re bare.
  6. You’re the reason I’m still breathing.
  7. I really hate it when you kiss me goodbye after every meeting.
  8. I’m sure that you could have stayed back tonight.
  9. I wouldn’t have any trouble in recognizing you if I were to go blind some day. I can always tell you by your natural fragrance.
  10. You really smell good and heavenly. What is your brand of perfume? Or is it your natural body odour?
  11. You look so pretty sometimes that I have difficulty believing you’re human.
  12. I love everything about you. I love the way you talk. I love the way you walk. I love the way you smile. I love the way you sing. Yes, I love everything you do or say.
  13. Every time I get ready to meet you, I strongly feel that I am going to see an angel.
  14. I forget all my worries and problems when you’re with me.
  15. I feel as if I am living a dream when you’re besides me.
  16. I look forward to meeting you everyday.
  17. I just cannot afford to wait for the day when I’ll settle down with you.
  18. Your prettiness really drives me crazy.
  19. I cannot imagine a life without you.
  20. To me you’re more precious than the most precious gem in the world.
  21. Never ever desert me or walk out on me or else I’ll cease to exist.
  22. If you really ask me, I could give you more reasons why I love you than there are stars in the sky.
  23. Last night I dream that I was pleading an angel to keep an eye on you for your safety. The angel after taking a good look at you came back and told me that it was not possible for her to keep a watch over another angel.
  24. Though everybody knows that a picture is always better than a 1,000 words, as far as you’re concerned only three words matter to me and they are-I love you.
  25. The list of seven wonders in the world is incomplete and will remain so till your name is added to it.
  26. Your looks are so mesmerizing that I lose self-control everytime I see you.
  27. Your beauty is like a balm to a bruised soul.
  28. I feel like I am in heaven when you kiss me.
  29. I feel complete because of you.
  30. I’ll never forgive you for a grave crime you committed. You stole my heart away and are yet to give it back to me.
  31. I am yet to see a more beautiful damsel than you.
  32. I’m sure even angels are jealous of your beauty.
  33. God must have made you in his leisure time.
  34. Nobody loves you as I much as I do and neither will anybody be able to.
  35. Your beauty can give an inferiority complex to any other girl.
  36. I get turned on everytime I look at you.
  37. Time seems to pass by faster whenever you’re with me.
  38. I’ll always treasure and cherish the moments I have spent with you.
  39. I will keep loving you with the same passion and ardour (as I do now) till my last breath.
  40. I want you to be with me through thick and thin.
  41. I just love the way you kiss me and hold my hand.
  42. Whenever you hold me tightly, I feel like I’ll melt like an ice-cream.
  43. Nobody understands me better than you do.
  44. Everytime you I look into your eyes, I feel as if I’ll get lost.
  45. I am luckiest guy in the world because you’re mine and mine only.
  46. You’re for my eyes only.
  47. God sent you down to earth for my sake only.

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