Cute Texts to Send Your Boyfriend for Lovely Response

Texting plays a very important role in communication between two lovers. Gone are the days when lovers had to wait for days, weeks and sometimes months to hear the news of their loved one. Now, you can share almost everything that is on your mind with a press of a button. As mobile phones have made a permanent place in our lives, life without it seems rather absurd. We no more have to wait for days to talk or chat with our loved one. Communication is very important for a relation to be stable and communication is always two-sided. Through communication you can express your feelings for your boyfriend.

If you are looking for some cute texts to send your boyfriend, then you are at the right spot. In this article we will tell about different types of texts that you can send to your boyfriend which will express your love and care for him. When you express or share your feelings with your boyfriend, your actions will make your relationship better and more stable. It is always a nice thing to make the other person feel special and wanted. Texts can be of different types but they all have the same aim; to express your feelings and love for your loved one. It is very important on your part to have a genuine and honest approach. Whatever you text, let it be an honest feeling and make sure there is nothing fake about it. Only when you are honest and expressive in a relationship will your relationship become strong and loving.

Mentioned below are some different categories of cute texts that will surely make your boyfriend feel special and wanted.

1. Love Texts

Messages like, ‘I love you!’, ‘I miss you!’, ‘Dreaming of you!’ etc. all will make sure that your feelings are well expressed to your boyfriend. These texts are very important in day-to-day life, as they keep the romance going in a relationship. Usually, it has been noted that people who shy away from expressing their love to their partners face more instability in a relationship than those who express it. No relationship can ever be perfect, but they can be filled with perfect moments with you expressing your love to your loved one.

Love Texts

2. Care Texts

Care or concern texts are will make sure that your boyfriend never feels alone or disheartened. Usually, couples complain of their partners being insensitive or indifferent towards their emotional needs. If your boyfriend is not well, if he is sick and all, then you can send him texts like, ‘Hey stud, just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you!’, ‘You are always on my mind!’ etc. These texts will help him to know that you love and care for him.

3. Encouraging Texts

Nothing can make your boyfriend feel more blessed than to see his girlfriend standing with him in his time of trial and need. We all need encouragement in our day to day life. When the burdens of this life seem to take over us, it is at this time that we need someone to encourage or share our burdens. Encouraging texts will not only help your boyfriend to come out of his trials victoriously but also fall more in love with you. Texts like, ‘I’ll be there for you!’, ‘We’ll face this together!’, ‘I’m with you in this pain!’ etc.

Encouraging Texts

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