Cute Compliments for Your Girlfriend

You get nostalgic thinking about the times when you relentlessly pursued your girlfriend and shadowed her like a detective till she gave in to your wily charms. However, winning over your woman and convincing her to go on a date with you is the just the beginning of a relationship. Chasing a woman with indefatigable zeal and then literally compelling her to take an interest in you is akin to laying the foundation stone for your new home.

Just as the small bricks matter as much as the big doors and windows in a house, the seemingly inconsequential or little compliments that you pay your girlfriend count as much as your bear hugs and impressive gifts. Everybody likes to be praised and complimented. Don’t you remember feeling nice or good when somebody paid you a compliment about something or for a job well done?

Since your girlfriend is as human as you are, she’d be flattered and thrilled by compliments, especially if they come from you. As women tend to be more sensitive and romantic compared to men, a cute compliment or a romantic gesture from your end will definitely make a positive impact on your girlfriend and cheer her up.

Oftentimes, your relationship will be going through a rough or bad patch like all relationships do. Your girlfriend could be angry with you over something or could feel hurt because of your behaviour. When you move on to the next stage in your relationship after the introductory phase is over, there’d often be occasions when you’d simply have no idea about what to do or say to your girlfriend to see her smiling face and keep her happy.

You’re occasionally at a loss of words or choke for a befitting reply when your fiancée frets and complains to you that you don’t love her as much you used to. Although you know deep down in your heart that you still love your girl with all your heart, your fiancée would’ve no way of knowing about your true feelings if you don’t express them. After all she’s cannot read your mind.

So, the easiest and the most effective way of showing that you care are by paying compliments more often. Neither does it cost a farthing nor does it take too much effort on your part to make a hilarious remark that has her in splits or praise her amorously that indeed uplifts her. Your compliments should be spontaneous and make your partner feel that they’re coming from your heart. Your flattering remark or admiring comment could be funny or romantic but it should bring a smile on your girlfriend’s lips.

Nevertheless, there are certain aspects that you’d need to be careful about before you could shoot off. First and foremost, choose on a pickup line that’d be fitting and appropriate for the occasion. Thereafter, go over the line many times over in your head and be sure about the impact it’ll create before blurting it out. If your body language does not seem to go with your compliment, your girlfriend will be quick to spot it out. Your non-verbal communication should be in sync with your verbal communication. So, be truthful and sincere whenever you feel like paying a compliment to your heartthrob.

There are an almost infinite number of pick-up lines and compliments that you can offer to your girlfriend but it’ll not be possible for you to remember all of them. So a list of cute compliments for your girlfriend has been drawn up after meticulously researching many sites and sifting through innumerable complimentary and flattering lines. You can whisper some of these lines when you’re smooching or cuddling her up and some lines are perfect for sending across as text messages. Go through the compliments and decide for yourself.


Cute Compliments for Your Girlfriend

  1. You come like a breath of fresh air in my world.
  2. How do you always manage to look so ravishing?
  3. My life would have had no meaning without you.
  4. I really don’t care about going to heaven after I die because I always feel that I’m in heaven whenever you’re around.
  5. You’re reason I’m still alive. You give me a reason to live.
  6. You really look fetching when you smile.
  7. I’m afraid I’ll go blind one of these days as I just can’t seem to take my eyes off you as long as you’re with me.
  8. I look forward to spending time with you everyday.
  9. The moments that I’ve spent together with you will be the ones that I’ll cherish throughout my life.
  10. You keep coming back in my dreams.
  11. I can’t seem to fall asleep until and unless I kiss your photograph.
  12. Even if I were to go blind, I’d be able to spot you by your smell.
  13. I know you can dance well. You’ve such a well-chiselled body.
  14. I just can’t wait to settle down with you.
  15. I’ll not be able to get ahead in life without you.
  16. I wish I had met you earlier.
  17. Hearing your voice cheers me up first thing in the morning.
  18. I just can’t bring myself to say goodbye to you after I see the look on your face.
  19. I’m the luckiest guy in the world because you happen to be the most attractive girl in the entire world.
  20. I seem to forget all my worries when you’re with me.
  21. I’m so much in love with you that I’ve come close to worshipping you.
  22. You seem to get more beautiful with every passing day.
  23. I could not have got a better friend than you.
  24. I must be dreaming with my eyes open. How can anyone be so gorgeous?
  25. I feel as if I’m under a spell whenever you stare at me. Do you have hypnotic powers?
  26. You inspire me to become a superior man so that I would be deserving of your love.
  27. I don’t know what I’d done with my life if I had not met you.
  28. You’re the answer to my prayers.
  29. I’d rather stay in hell to make you mine than stay in heaven without you.
  30. Get out of my dreams and get into my arms.
  31. Your sweetness is going to make me a diabetic.
  32. You can make an angel jealous of your looks.
  33. Perfectionists should look at you and look up to for getting inspiration.
  34. I don’t want to see light on the other side of a tunnel. I want to see you.
  35. My breathing is synonymous with loving you. My love for you will only cease when I stop breathing.
  36. You came down from heaven for my sake only.
  37. You’re for my eyes only.
  38. You light up my life like no one else.
  39. I am nothing without you.
  40. I love everything about you.
  41. It doesn’t matter where I am going as long as you’re with me.
  42. I love you the way you’re.
  43. I feel like I’m in seventh heaven when you’re with me.

Remember that the idea behind using the compliments is to make your girlfriend truly feel that she is the most special person in your life. Therefore you should be sincere in expressing your feelings about her and carefully choose the occasions to pay compliments.

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