Cute Birthday Ideas for Boyfriend

It’s your boyfriend’s birthday and you wish to surprise him! You want to make it memorable for him. It’s been quite some time since you got around celebrating any occasion. He has been way too busy or stressed in lately and you guys have not been able to spend quality time together because of that. So, you are all the more interested in making his birthday that special day. You just don’t know what to do to make it an interesting day for him.  You so wish there was someone or something that could give you ideas! So, here’s your list of ideas. Implement them and make your boyfriend happy on his birthday!


1. Go the Letter Way

How long has it been since you wrote a letter to someone? Been long, right? So, now is the time to get back to writing a letter. This year on your boyfriend’s birthday, surprise him with a handwritten letter. Express your feelings in that letter. If you normally don’t express anything, this would be a great way start. You are actually giving him the best gift by writing about your feelings. A gift that he would treasure his entire life! You can even break the letter into various parts and, gift him each part at different times. This would build his curiosity and, would be a genuinely nice surprise for him.

2. The Proposal

How about proposing your guy and, taking your relationship to an all new level? If you know for sure that this is the guy you wish to spend your rest of the life with, then why wait? But, do make sure that your guy is also ready to settle down. If you feel that it’s time to settle down and, you both are ready for it,  surprise him with a cute proposal on his birthday. You could indulge into a proposal atmosphere. Take him to a romantic spot and, go on your knees and ask him to marry you. Yes, it sure sounds dramatic but with a difference. The difference being that you are asking your guy for marriage and not the other way around. So, this birthday you could surprise him with a marriage proposal.

3. The Childhood Memories

Have you met his family and his friends? This could be a real nice gift and surprise for him. How about going that extra mile and gifting him his best memories. You could ask his friends and family to write sweet messages for him. Collect the various photos and prepare a collage for him. You could even throw a party at his holiday home that he visits very often. You could plan out a real nice surprise for him and, get him to come there somehow. Childhood memories play a very vital role of making one very happy. The heart truly jumps with joy on relieving the childhood memories.

4. Relieving Childhood Life

You must have played that exciting treasure-hunt game at least once in your life! How about getting your boyfriend to play it and, give him a surprise at the end of it. Ask him to take a full day leave from office or, you can call the office on his behalf. Once the work is out of the way, you can start with your plan. Hide a clue somewhere in his house where he looks the first thing every morning. Maybe where he puts his glasses or his phone. This clue would lead to another one. This way, you can get your boyfriend to walk the entire city. This would get him curious and, he would be on his toes. The last clue should direct him to the place where you would have arranged for a surprise party for him. You can invite his friends and family for the party as well. If you feel like it, keep some small gifts along with the clues. This idea completely works and, the party would make up for the running around.

5. A Romantic Getaway

It’s been a while since you two made it somewhere together! So, why not plan for a getaway on your boyfriend’s birthday. You can plan and execute the entire trip by yourself. Choose a destination that your boyfriend has been aching to go since a long time. Find out the ways to reach the place. Don’t let your boyfriend know of this plan till the date of travel. Make him take a day or two off saying you want to be with him. On the day of your travel, reveal the plan to him. He would be surprised and touched at the same time! This gift would indeed make the birthday a memorable one for him.

6. Cook a Meal on his Birthday

The yummy way to a happy birthday! Yes, cook his favourite meal with this amazing desert on his birthday. No gift can substitute this absolutely yummy treat. If you normally hate cooking and you have taken effort to cook a meal for him, this would be a total stealer to him. In fact, he would be the happiest person on the earth to have found love in you. This extra mile is the perfect way to a nice cute birthday.

7. The Staged Kidnapping

This one’s slightly tricky but if it works out for you, there’s nothing better than this idea. You can get your boyfriend kidnapped through some staged actors. Before even attempting this, make sure your boyfriend likes such surprises. Once you have him kidnapped, take him to an isolated spot. Make him slightly uncomfortable by making him hear some talks about ransom. Once he gets to hear that, get him shifted to another location. This is where you would be having the birthday party! Yes, it is a slightly uncomfortable plan but, it really surprises him. You can actually see a bit of shock and surprise on his face. Surrounded by his near and dear ones, he would surely love this aching surprise.

Plan that wonderful day right away! A wonderful surprise always works. Your boyfriend will surely feel loved and cared for.

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