How to Cut your Own Bangs for a Stylish Look

Bangs are the best and easiest way for you to get a quick makeover. With bangs you can add an element of interest to your hairstyle. With a little creativity, finding the right style of bangs can be both fun and exciting journey for self-discovery. Bangs can definitely make you look completely different. There are plenty of bang hairstyles you can choose from.  Side bangs are one of the most popular types of bangs. However, there are different hairstyles with bangs, there can be sweeping side bangs, long side bangs, choppy side bangs, blunt short side bangs, asymmetrical side bangs, side bangs on both side, etc. All such hairstyles can make you wonder as how to cut your own bangs. If you are a beginner then it is good to start by learning how to trim a side fringe on your overgrown hair. This article will help you to provide some suggestions as how to cut your own hair, with a good pair of scissor.

1. Cutting Hair into Side Bangs

  • To cut your hair into side bangs, part your hair sideways. Then take a section near the forehead. Remember, for thick bangs take more hair, for thin chunky bangs take less hair.
  • The part of hair you do not require, clip them to your back. Take the larger section of the parting and comb it and hold it away from you.
  • Make sure that you are holding the hair section at an angle and making a cut at the same angle too. Cut a bit at a time and check. Always keep your bangs cut longer because they will shrink up a bit.
  • If you prefer blow drying then you can always make the bangs a little rounder which will decrease their length too.
  • In a similar way cut the hair on the other side of parting. If you want you can give the hair ends a bit of feather cut too.
  • To give your hair a nice layered effect, hold the scissor vertically and snip at the very end a little bit. This will remove the blunt cut fringe look and give a more natural look to your fringe.

Cutting Hair into Side Bangs

2. Cutting Hair for Heavy Front Bangs

Do you wish to wear Cleopatra style bang. If yes, then you need to follow the following steps:

  • For this style of bangs, you need to take a larger section of the front hair, so the bangs look thick and stylish. If you do not want thick bangs you can go for thin hair and take less hair.
  • Comb your hair down and then part it in the middle. Separate the amount of the hair you desire for bangs.
  • Tie the rest of the hair back. Comb the front hair section down. Cutting your hair into Cleopatra style bangs can be a tough task as it will be difficult to see yourself in the mirror, all the hair will be on your eyes.
  • Cut your hair in a straight line a bit below the eyebrow level.
  • You need to do your job neatly. Then comb your hair and check. If it is not in a single line then again comb the hair and trim them.
  • To give the bangs a bit of volume, dry them using a round brush.

Cutting Hair for Heavy Front Bangs

3. Cutting into Blunt Bangs

  • To cut your hair into blunt bangs, part your hair. Place your index finger on your forehead so that second knuckle is lined up with the best of your hairline. Place your comb at the tip of your finger. Comb down at an angle to either side of the point, lining up the part with the ends of your eyebrows. Pin back your remaining hair.
  • Pull the section you have parted out in front of your face, combing it out to make sure that all the strands have been gathered and there are no tangles.
  • It is very important to dampen your hair. Use a spray bottle filled with water to apply a fine misting of water to your hair. It is better if you cut your bangs when it is dry. Wet hair is longer than dry hair and might cause you to cut off more than you wanted. You simply want it damp enough that there are no frizzy hairs.
  • To cut your hair, start at the middle of your nose, cut across your hair as few snips as possible. Cut it shorter by cutting upwards into your hair rather than straight across. Cutting vertically rather than horizontally reduces the chance of you giving yourself an uneven hairline.

Cutting into Blunt Bangs

4. Styling your Bangs

  • To keep your bangs in style apply a set of lotion and comb your bangs straight. Tape them to your forehead with hair tape until dry. When you take the tape off your bangs will fluff out. After doing this you will see a gorgeous, classic look. Your bangs will frame your face beautifully. In case you do not have hair tape, you can blow them dry.
  • Apart from this you can comb them all over to one side. Make sure that they are pulled straight. Pin them up in the proper place. When dry, take the clips out and brush the bangs from the side, to cover your forehead. They should fall straight. If they need a little coaxing, apply a tiny dab of gel and shape the bangs with your fingers.

Styling your Bangs


  • Do not cut your bangs by chopping them straight across your face.
  • Bangs need to be trimmed for at least ¼ inch.
  • Always have another person to help you when are cutting your bangs.
  • While cutting curly hair, allow a lot of extra length. After each snip, allow your hair to bounce.

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