Creative Ways to Get Girls to Notice You

Some guys are able to get girls notice them without much efforts and for some it might not be that much easy. Guys just want to do something, so that girls notice them. If you are someone who is wondering of different ways to attract girls, then you are at the right spot. This article will help in understanding the important and creative ways to get girls notice you. The basic thing that you need before you start thinking about getting girls to notice you is to have an honest approach. If you are not honest with yourself, then you can never learn new things in life.

For some guys it is very easy to get girls notice them. They try out various things in order to attract girls. Still, a large number of guys don’t know what to do in order to have, at least a single girl interested in them! But the easy and creative ways mentioned in this article will help you break away from the chains of failure and will put you in the category of those guys, for whom it is not difficult to attract girls. All you need to do is to focus on your strength, have an honest and genuine approach and success will be yours.

Mentioned below are some of the creative ways for guys who want girls to notice them.

Creative Ways to Get Girls to Notice You

1. Personality:

Personality matters when it comes to attracting girls. Guys, you need to remember that girls will never ever fall for guys who do not have a good personality. No one likes a person who doesn’t have a good personality. Even guys would never fall for girls with a bad personality. So, the very first thing that you need to do, in order to get girls notice you, is to work on your personality.

Be honest with yourself and try to find out the areas where you lack. You need to understand that before looks it is the personality that matters more for girls. You need to find the one good point or strength that you have, it could be your calm nature or the talents that you have and sharpen it so much, that people associate you with your good point. When that happens, you develop a personality of your own and by doing that, you have already crossed the first step of getting girls to notice you.

2. Fear Factor:

Most of the times, we refrain ourselves from approaching girls out of fear. As a guy, you need to understand that girls are never attracted to guys who are timid. They like guys who are confident and bold. If you take two steps forward and four steps backwards, then you do not account to be counted among the categories of guys, whom girls fall for.

Guys are often so afraid that even before they are rejected, they harbour the fear of rejection. They feel embarrassed when in the company of girls. You need to understand that fear is making a complete fool of yourself. Guys who are scared of making the first move are the ones who never get a girl notice them. Hence, they spend their time day dreaming. If you want girls to notice you, then you need to rise above your fears.

3. Talk:

If you are someone who gets all sweaty when it comes to talking to girls, then chances are that you will never have a girl attracted to you. If you feel so nervous about saying a simple ‘’hello’’ to them, then how can you think of getting them to notice you? The best way to nail your fears is by talking to them. If you don’t talk to them, they will not notice you, it is as simple as that.

You need to rise above your fears and make the first move of talking to them. When you approach a girl, make sure you that with good intentions and honesty. Girls like guys who are bold and are not afraid to approach them. You need to get rid of your fears and shyness. Take the first step; once you are able to take that, fear will no longer have any control over you.

4. Humour – Sense;

Girls don’t like boring guys. Serious guys are a serious no for girls. Girls fall for guys who have a good sense of humour. The fourth way in which you can get girls notice you, is by developing a good sense of humour. As you make serious attempt to do that, make sure that you understand the term ‘humour’.

Learn some jokes if possible, but make sure while telling it to girls you don’t kill their essence. A good sense of humour is dependent on good timing. You need to see the occasion and accordingly crack jokes. If you can make a girl laugh, then you have succeeded in getting them to notice you.

5. Clear Thought Process:

A clear thought process reflects a good personality. When you have a clear thought process, then you will know what to do and your actions will always be in concordance to the situation. When your thought process is not clear, then you will never know how to act in a particular situation. A not-so clear thought process is a reflection of fear inside.

When your thought process is not clear, your actions will always be controlled by your fears and worries. Guys who do not have a clear thought process, are always unable to strike a conversation with any girl and they also lack good sense of humour. You need to continuously talk to yourself and encourage yourself. Guys who have a clear thought process, who know what they want in life are the ones who attract more girls.

6. Looks:

Last but the surely not the least comes the appearance. You need to take care of your looks and also the way you dress up. The style in which you dress up will reflect your nature. If your dressing style is very boring, then chances are that girls might think of you to be very boring and hence avoid you.

Make sure that you take a good care of your looks and the way in which you dress and you will surely have many girls noticing you, all for the right reasons.

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