Creative Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

You have wanted to give a real unique gift to your boyfriend since long but, have no idea what it should be. You do not want to give him the regulars like a gadget, his favourite CD etc.. A plain Jane affair is not what you want to do this time around. You want to unleash your creative side and decide a gift that would bring a smile to his face and in turn light up your life. Creativity does not always mean that you make something and give. You could also think of something unique, not really in the line of gifts and give it to your loved one.

creative gift ideas

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1. Cook his Favourite Desert

A pineapple pastry, a brownie, a chocolate cupcake or just plain melted chocolates; your boyfriend must be fond of deserts. How about cooking and serving him his favourite desert? Normally a brownie or a cookie does not take up much of your time or effort. So, you can attempt cooking those even if you are not really the cooking types. This attempt of yours would reflect the love you have for him and make him truly happy.

2. Check into his Favourite Destination

Make real that long planned trip that he’s been pining for. It’s long due and you could just surprise him by checking into that trip with him. You could just surprise him with the trip one fine day. It would be a good surprise. You know that he really needs a break from the work stress and this trip just comes in time. This is the most unique and much needed gift which he would relish a lifetime.

3. The Message Book

There would be many friends in his list with whom he might have lost all possible contacts. He would be itching to get in touch with them but it is just not possible given the pressures at work. You could actually get in touch with all those friends and lost people and get them to sign a message book for you with a special message for him. This special effort from your side would get him the lost happiness and bring back wonderful memories.

4. A Step Furthering Message Book

Among the friends who have signed the message book would be friends who were really close to your boyfriend. How about arranging a surprise party where you could invite these friends and get back those wonderful days. They all might be pressurized in their work life and would be delaying the meet. This surprise party of yours would be the ideal place for them to meet and for your boyfriend to relive those amazing memories. You know he wishes for that then, go ahead and plan this for him.

5. A Basketful of Gifts

You know he is turning 24 this year. So go ahead and make a gift basket containing 24 small gifts. You could throw in a personalized CD, a tshirt, some things that normally men use etc. to get the number up to 24. This would be interesting as he would have a lot of gifts to open. A unique and splendid idea to get your boyfriend to admire you and your creativity! Pack all them attractively so that it catches his attention.

6. A Trip with his Friends

There are these three special friends who have stood by your boyfriend through the thick and thin of his life. You could just plan a trip for him and his friends at a nearby place or resort. You could surprise them with it. It would be a special way of thanking his friends and allowing him the space making him love you even more. Remember distances play well for relations. Every relation needs a bit of a distance for it to grow better.

7. The Self-Made Card

How about making a card specially for him. You could design this card and write your heart out in that card. A personalized card made by you would give him more happiness than any gift in this world would. You could paste a few pictures of you and your boyfriend. Shower all the love you actually feel for him through words. The effort you put behind the card would make him really happy.

8. Photo Books & Calendars

How about collecting that beautiful and romantic memories that you have created over time and making a photo book out of it. You could in fact choose to arrange it as you want. A personal message at the end of every photo lights up the photo book. A personalized calendar with every month marking a photo of that month and unleashing the memories would be great too. These are things that would remind him of you all the while.

9. Personalised Vodka Shots

How about getting his vodka shots personalized? Well you would just be getting him shot glasses with his name and a small photo so that he can enjoy his own vodka shot. It need not be vodka; it could be any drink that he really loves having. If he loves beer, get his beer mug personalized. An amazing and creative option to gift your boyfriend!

10. The Video Collage

A personalized gift that can work wonders! Collect all the photos that you truly like. Figure out a song that you would wish to dedicate to the video. Now using the software for video mixing available, mix the audio and the video. Don’t forget to get the perfect background music for all the pictures.

11. Self-Made Gifts

This one really takes up time for people who are not too good at craft but, the efforts are all towards a good deed. It is worth the effort put in. You could make him a nice frame using sea shells and cardboard, you could also make a perfumed wax candle. If you are really good at painting, make a portrait of him and gift him.

Creativity lies in your mind. Allow it to flow with different ideas and choose one that you would apply.

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