Cool And Easy Nail Designs

Long attractive nails are a sight to the eyes and add to the beauty of a woman in a subtle and solid way. It is said that you can camouflage your age with makeup but your hands give your age away. This is why it is very important to take good care of your hands and nails. The latter, i.e., the nails, are also an indicator of your health. If you have strong reddish nails, it means that your health is in good shape. There was a time when nail decoration was limited to applying nail polish but today things have changed a lot. The small insignificant nail is no longer the bearer of only different shades of nail polish.

They have transformed into miniature portraits and collages that hold attention grabbing images and designs. Nail art is something that has caught the fancy of women, of all age groups, across the globe. You can easily find women flashing hands that carry engaging nail art. Nail art is a big profitable business and its popularity is on the rise. Nail artists are as sought-after as hairstylists and makeup artists. Women love to decorate their nails in various ways. They are always on the lookout for various kinds of nail designs but the most popular and sought-after nail designs are cool and easy nail designs. These designs are widely searched by women because they can be created without much fuss and look classy and cute. So, today we will tell you about these very nail designs. Check the space below to get inspiring ideas on the topic.

1. Polka Dots Nail Art Design


The cute circular polka dots are popular in the nail art segment too. They are easy to create but you must get the color combination right.  A lighter base with a brighter print looks very vivid and catchy. It would be a good idea if you use complementary colors such as yellow-violet, orange-blue, red-green, etc. because they reinforce each other and bring attention to the design from even a long distance.

2. Strips Design 


Simple to create and catchy in appearance, the strips design is also very popular. You can create strips in many shapes. If you want a clean look, you can wear them in a vertical or horizontal style that is very traditional yet well-known. But if you desire drama and a designer look, you can create them in swirly, wavy or criss cross style.

3. Flower Theme Design


Flowers and women complement each other in a fabulous way. And, when it comes to the delicate nail, flowers make a cool style statement. You can wear any flower on your nail because there are many. Some women like to wear a string of flowers on each nail while some wear a single flower on each. If you want to make your flower piece the center of attraction, make the flower sit on your middle finger. You can also add frames around the flower to make them more artistic.

4. Animal Pattern Nail Design


Zebra print, leopard spots, paw marks, ladybug, wings and the like come in the category of animal pattern nail design. You can get this kind of nail design done in minutes. It looks cool and makes a carefree style statement. If you are an animal or pet lover and want to express your love in a stylish way, nail art is the answer. You can wear this design in two ways, either on the tips or on the entire nail or on a single nail.

5. Contrast Color Scheme Design


Imagine a black and white nail art design. Isn’t it catchy and cool? There is something very cute about the contrast color nail art design. It is evergreen and has got a good variety. You can wear the combination of the two colors on each nail or you can intersperse the colors on alternate nails in different patterns.

6. Festival Theme Design


Whether it is a Christmas party or a Halloween event, you can make all the difference to your looks and personality through nail art. You can get your nails decorated with a theme that matches the festive spirit of the party. For example, you can get the Christmas tree or the portrait of Santa Claus on your nail in catchy colors.

7. French Tip Nail Design


Perfect for long and slender nails, this design makes use of the tips of nails. It looks sublime and sexy at the same time. You can use all kinds of themes such as swirls, strips, flowers in this form of nail art. Just make sure that the design gets a clean finish.

8. Glittering Nail Art Design


Do you want spark and shine in your nail art? Well, then you must resort to glittering nail art. This kind of nail design is created through a special kind of nail polish. These nail polishes have glitters in their content and as you put a coat on your nail, your finger starts flashing a cool and easy nail design. If you want to make it more beautiful, you can also add embellishments to it.

9. Gel Nail Design


This design is based on nail polishes that come in gel form. They give a classy transparent sort of look to your nails. Though you can wear them on the entire nail but placing them on tips in arched or wavy fashion creates a chic cool look.

10. Water Droplets/Dew Drops Nail Design


Droplets have a romantic cute charm attached to their appearance. So, when you get them placed on your nails, your fingers acquire a sweet alluring aura. The most special thing about this design is that it has a 3D kind of appearance which makes it quite modern. The floating effect created on the nail lends the artwork an exclusive appeal.

11. Hello Kitty Nail Design


Want to give your finger a cute and cool look? Go for the adorable kitty. She is easy to create and looks amazing with her bow. You can make her sit in many styles. Place her on the tips or on the entire nail or get her to peep from alternate nails. She will make a classy style statement in all the avatars. What is more, you can also play with colors, when it comes to “Hello Kitty”.

12. Pink Nail Design


Pink is the favorite of the fairer sex, whether it is clothes or nail polish. If you want to create a cool and easy design, just bring pink on your nail in a simple artful fashion and you are set to sport an appealing design in minutes.

Nail art is the in thing in the fashion trends and every woman, who has even a simple idea about the fashion trends, cannot keep herself from sporting beautiful designs on her nail. It is not necessary that you will have to loosen your purse strings to get a cool design on your nail. The cool and easy nail designs that we have described above are all “do it yourself” stuff and therefore, you do not need to go to any nail artist. So, what are you waiting for? Take out your nail paint and get ready to flash nails that are no less than pieces of art.

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