Wonderful Company Holiday Party Ideas

This idea was suggested by my younger brother, who works in an international firm as his company took them for the “Iron Maiden” concert last month. What he shared sounded a real thrill experience.

Concert Concept

4. Oscar Night

This theme party is my all-time favorite. All of you must be aware about the biggest, renowned award ceremony “The Oscars”.  Even if you are not a celebrity, you can act as one in such a party. All you need to do is to dress elite and act as you are going to attend the award ceremony. For a realistic look you can set a red carpet for the employees while they all enter.

Hire a few photographers to click everyone while they enter, to give a red carpet feel. Have circular tables where people will be served champagne and caviar. You can make it an awards night; give out awards amongst the employees for “the most punctual” or the “best dressed” employee. You can make it a little funny by having awards like “spends a lot of time in the washroom” or “perfect flirt” awards as well.

Oscar night

5. Old School Party

What can be more interesting than reliving your good old school days? When we are in our professional life one thing that we surely miss is the fun time that we had during the school days. A party with the school theme can be the best way to relive those cherished moments. For such a party all you need is to inform the people about the idea in advance so that they can arrange the clothes for this party.

To add more to it you can carry out classy office party invitations, with appropriate invitation wordings that go according to the theme. You may consider it as a costume party, but the theme of the costume is “old school”. For more realistic touches you can go for the 19th century style suits and the slow classical music. Be sure that the location is a well-lit room, and you have an elaborate menu for the guests. You can go a step further and make it a masked party. It increases the suspense and the fun of the evening, don’t you think? Along with these ideas, you can add in some party games for adults for some more fun.

Old school party

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