Common Flirting Signs Between a Guy and Girl

Men have flirted with women since time immemorial. A lot of women down the ages, have also been quite candid in expressing their romantic feelings to a man they had taken a liking for. The long and short of it all is that flirting comes instinctively to almost everybody. Nevertheless, it may have often occurred to you that you won’t be able to flirt although you’ve seen other guys and girls seducing and tempting each other with panache.

How often have you felt like you didn’t know a thing about flirting though you spontaneously ended up making a casual remark when someone caught your fancy? Flirting as a means of courting a man or woman you’re fascinated with is something that happens sub-consciously. When we meet someone attractive or appealing, we start behaving in a manner that makes it amply clear that we’re impulsively drawn towards that person.

No matter how subtle or understated we’re about the whole thing, our body language gives it all away. The flirting signals that we tend to transmit when we’re in the presence of people whom we find charming and engaging, can be detected via our mannerisms. However, men encounter problems when it comes to differentiating between the nuanced signals of flirting and signs of plain affability. In this regard, women seem to be more fortunate.

Women, through biological conditioning over the ages, have developed characteristic traits that help them to pick up and distinguish between signals of friendliness, and romantic overtures. As a man, you may have awareness and control over the flirting signals that you broadcast to others but might find it tough to figure out flirting signals transmitted by women.

So, if you find yourself getting attracted to someone and want to strike up a conversation with that individual, you better arm yourself with some techniques of flirting. Furthermore, being knowledgeable about some Common Flirting Signs between a Guy and Girl will help you to groom yourself to perfection so that you appear interesting to others. If you’ve just started a tête-à-tête with a strikingly beautiful woman or a handsome man or about to, the following guidelines will surely help you keep the conversations going.

Common Flirting Signs Between a Guy and Girl

1. Touching Each Other Spontaneously

You may find yourself sub-consciously putting your hand over the hand of the person you’re talking with. Or, you’ll have the temptation of sitting real close so that your bodies touch. You’ll see yourself putting your arm across the shoulder of the individual.

You may even fail to consciously notice that you had taken your partner’s hand in yours while you were crossing the street. You’ll surely find different ways of touching the other person for which you may not even need an excuse. Touching your new crush every now and then at the slightest pretext or provocation is a glaring sign of flirting.

2. Your Best Side is On Display

In this respect, we tend to closely resemble both the animals and the birds. Birds like peacocks and pheasants dance playfully around the female of the species by displaying their plumage. Animals like lions, elephants, jackals, and bears have their distinct ways of courting the females.

Similar is the case with human beings. Both men and women to make selves appear gorgeous and acceptable to each other, try to flaunt their superlative sides. You’ll see most women exploiting their physical features or their effeminate charm to woo men.

On the other hand, men bank on their masculinity to titillate and court women they find enthralling. As a man, you may often find yourself trying to chat up a good looking woman by trying to crack a joke or relating an engrossing anecdote. Since it’s still men who take the initiative of breaking the ice in the process of trying to start up a light banter, the onus of exploring different ways of doing the same also lies with them.

3. Personal Zones or Spaces are Invaded With Impunity

If someone takes a more than fleeting interest in you, he or she’d often intrude into your private space by asking you personal questions. By the same token, that person will not hesitate in sharing and discussing aspects about his or her personal life. He or she’ll try to warm up to you by whispering something which you might think is uncalled-for. These are more than obvious flirting signs and you don’t really need to read between the lines to make out that the person wants to get closer to you.

4. Eyes Will Twinkle and Gleam a Lot

If you find yourself falling for someone, your eyes will give it away. Conversely, if you’re conscious and vigilant enough, you’ll not fail to notice the glint or sparkle in the eyes of the person who finds you invigorating. Eyes becoming wide and expressive during small talks or lengthy conversations are a telltale sign of flirting between a guy and a girl.

5. All Peripheral or External Interruptions Are Kept At Bay

If somebody calls you up while you’re knee-deep in conversation with your object of desire, you’ll either disconnect the call or try to hang up as early as possible. You can expect the person who fancies you, to follow suit when he or she receives a call or an acquaintance walks up to him or her for exchanging pleasantries. Earnestly trying to avoid peripheral distractions is a sure enough sign that a guy or a girl wants to get on with his or her flirting ways.

6. You’ll Be Weighed Up and Down

If someone finds you really engrossing, then he or she’ll take his or her time to study you. You’ll see yourself being put under the scanner by the person. The person who feels attracted to you will take a good enough look at you and gauge you thoroughly before starting to flirt. Won’t you do pretty much the same while you try to get flirtatious with someone you’ve taken a fancy to?

7. You’ll Try to Flaunt Your Single Status

You’ll do your best to flaunt your single status to somebody you want to flirt with for the sake of winning a date from him or her. You’ll do your level best to make it sufficiently clear to the person that you’re not seeing anyone, and hence available for a date. In this context, an individual who has a crush on you will try to impress you by exhibiting their single label.

8. Blushing Periodically

Besides smiling and laughing occasionally during an engaging or flirtatious conversation, a lot of blushing also happens on the sidelines. How often have you noticed a girl going red in the face when you compliment her for her looks or her outfit? Blushing is a natural phenomenon that takes place impulsively when a guy or girl is at his or her seductive best.

9. The Guy is Overly Protective Whereas the Girl Happens to be Bashful

The inherent sexual attributes are on full display when you try to woo a guy or a girl. The innate sexual traits associated with both the sexes come into play when someone is attempting to engage in a flirtatious behaviour with you. The guy tries to show off his manliness by becoming overly protective and the girl will affect a more demure and reserved stance.       

10. You’re the Centre of Attraction

If you’re deeply engrossed in a conversation with the person who seems to have a weakness for you, he’ll or she’ll try to shift the entire focus of his or her attention to you. He or she’ll try to avoid everyone else present in the vicinity and shower all his or her attention on you. This person will get really excited when you’re around him or her or when show up unexpectedly even though you don’t happen to be his or her fast friend.

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