Interesting Coed Baby Shower Games

Are you planning to arrange for coed baby shower games instead of the traditional women only party? Inviting men for baby shower can be really exciting and can double the fun. Nowadays inviting men for the party has changed the whole concept. The parties hosted today do not follow the traditional setting of discussing the problems of pregnancy or the horrors of the labor room. With the presence of men at the party, baby showers have become a lot more lively, active and fun. Having the opportunity to share this time with the ones that you love can make it a much more memorable experience. To keep all the guests interested in this private affair, you can try some of the games mentioned in this article:

1. Baby Food Tasting Contest:

This is an interesting game as it is the chance for the parents to taste the baby food. For this you need to get five to ten different flavors of baby food items from the store and a pack of dessert plates. To make the game exciting and fun, do not allow the guests to look at the jars. Take a spoon from each flavor on the plates for them. Present the flavors in front of the couple and ask them to guess the food item. The couple with the most correct answers can win the prize.

Baby Food Tasting Contest

2. Baby Brainstorm:

This game is a nice way to check how much is the couple prepared for their new kid. Give each couple a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. Tell them to list as many baby items as they can in a certain time limit. The items may include diaper, pacifier, stroller, nursing pillow, baby oil, powder etc. The couple with the most items listed when the time is up is the winner.

Baby Brainstorm

3. The Multitasking Super Parent:

Check the management skills of the parents by giving them different tasks at the same time. In this game each person has to hold a baby doll in one hand, mimic speaking on a cordless phone with the other hand and hang the clothes at the same time. The one who hangs the most number of clothes in a minute is the winner.

The Multitasking Super Parent

4. The Baby, Diaper and One Hand Each:

This is a very simple game to play and will judge the coordination of the parents. In this game the couples are asked to team up and are supposed to tie a diaper to a baby doll. To make this simple task interesting, the couple is allowed to use only one hand each. The couples are not allowed to touch the doll or the diaper either with the other hand. The couple, who ties the diaper the fastest, is the winner.

The Baby, Diaper and One Hand Each

5. Best Tip:

In this game you can give each guest a sheet of paper to write their best tips for caring for a newborn baby or raising a child. Tell each one present there to sign the sheet. Other variation includes funny stories, quotes or childhood memories. The would-be mom can use them for the great advice. They can also be read aloud during the party and guests can even be told to guess who said which.

Best Tip

6. Drink and Win:

Fill the baby bottles with fruit juices and ask the guests to drink the juice by sucking on the bottle. The guest who finishes the bottle first is the winner. This game is not as simple as it seems as it is really hard to drink juice from a baby bottle, especially for an adult who is used to a glass.

Drink and Win

7. Draw the Baby:

You have to hand each guest a paper and a pen. The main idea is to draw the baby’s face on the page, but the plate will be on the top of the head of the guest. Make the guests draw the picture with in one minute. The cutest looking face is the winner.

Draw the Baby:

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