Clothes Ideas For Men to Wear On a First Date

What you wear is what you are! Clothes define and determine your personality. They have to be chosen carefully, worn delicately and carried properly. You need to wear the clothes that go well with your personality.  Wearing clothes that look good on someone else, without having any idea of your personality type, might not be a good option. Not everything looks good on everyone. Different occasions demand different style. Wearing party wears in a wedding or casuals in a rock concert, shows your bad taste of style. Clothes form an important part of your life.

Some people find it extremely hard to dress well for any occasion. If you are one of them, then don’t be embarrassed. Not everyone actually knows what looks good on them, unless someone tells them that. The most common dressing error that people make is while going on a date. Nothing seems to be right for the occasion. At times, you may feel that even your wardrobe has run out of options. This article will help you in understanding your personality type and what clothes would look nice on you for your date.

A date is a time when two people meet together over dinner. In that small span of time, both of them strive to know each other. The very first thing that your date will notice or you will notice in your date is the clothes. What you wear is what your are! It is always better to put your best foot forward, as the first impression is the last impression for many. There are different clothes ideas for men to wear on a first date. As you go through these ideas, you will be able to appear more confident and stylish on your date.

clothing ideas

1. Go Casual:

Nothing compliments the look of a man better than the casual attire. It gives a very trendy and a stylish look to a man. One of the advantages of wearing casuals on your first date is that it will give you a very masculine and mature look. Men prefer casuals as it makes them look more responsible and handsome.

Don’t get too casual about the date that it reflects in your dressing. Going for casuals doesn’t really mean that you will dress up as if you are going for a baseball match. There are some things that have to be kept in mind before gearing up for the date. Long sleeved shirts, preferably white and striped, with blue jeans would make a deadly pair. Team it up with black or brown shoes to add more zing to your style statement.

2. Be Formal:

Dressing up as per the demand of the occasion is very important. You can never go wrong with formals. Formals would mean a shirt, trouser and shoes.  The trick lies in the way you dress up in formals. It is always better to dress elegantly, balancing style and beauty.

It is very important for men to dress up according to the occasion. Remember, you are not going out for a business dinner, but for a romantic date.  So, words of caution – don’t dress up too formally. Do not over indulge in wearing a tie, formal watch or a blazer. Dress for the date, not a conference.  Dressing up too formally will make you look unapproachable and uncomfortable.

3. Try Trendy:

There is nothing better than being trendy on your first date.  Try something new with your dressing, it could be a smart t-shirt teamed with indigo coloured denim. Try new colours and experiment but do not go overboard with it. Remember the idea of being trendy is also about being comfortable in your skin. If you feel uncomfortable, do not wear that particular apparel as it can spoil your first date.

Don’t try too hard to dress up in a trendy way. It is good to experiment only if you think you can carry yourself in any attire. If you try too hard for it, you may end-up destroying your personality and hence giving a negative impact on your date.

4. Comfo-Meter:

No matter what you wear, it is very important for you to be comfortable in it. There is no use of wearing a nice outfit, if you are not at all comfortable in it. It is best to go for clothes in which you feel very comfortable, clothes that you can carry very well.

The more comfortable you are in your attire, the better you are going to feel. Some men know how to camaflouge their uneasiness, some cannot. It is always wise to wear something that makes you be at ease and yourself.

5. Suit Yourself:

Every man wants to look good on his first date. The classical mistake that men make while preparing to meet their date is with their dressing style. Mostly, they end up wearing the clothes that don’t look good on them at all. Before you choose your attire, it is better you have an honest approach towards it.

Choose the clothes which suit your body type. If you are on the heavier side, wear dark colors which hide your flab. If you have medium build, almost anything will suit you. Also go for colors that look good on you as this will enhance your personality. Choosing the right color along with the right attire will surely leave a good impression on your lady love and help you flaunt your best features.

6. Clean & Clear:

Hygiene is of paramount importance when it comes to dressing up for the date. Keep your hair and nails trimmed and make sure the edges are neat. It is always advisable to shave before you go out for a date. Keep yourself presentable and neat.

Use cologne to smell good. But be sure you do not overuse it. It is better to use little than too much. For your hair, use a gel or mousse to style them, use a little bit as more will make your hair look greasy and oily.

Last but not the least – be confident, it shows in your personality and body language. Make her feel special and your first date will be a sure-shot success.

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