Hello. As you can see that I am constantly trying to add different new things to make TutZone really wonderful for us. So I thought of keeping a track for my readers to know what’s new happening in here. I will add each updates from now onwards and will add few previous important update to this changelog [the ones I remember :P]. Here we go:

  • 09/07/09 [Bariski]- Fixed Related Posts and added Linkwithin Widget. Also added new Read More hack for faster loading of pages.
  • 07/18/09 [Bariski] – Added a new Background and Removed tabbed sidebars and added Popular Posts images instead, thanks to Jon for helping with effects.
  • 07/15/09 [Bariski] – Added new categories with the help of Simran
  • 06/14/09 [Bariski] – Changed Favicon again.
  • 05/03/09 [Bariski] -Moved All My Images To Dreamhost For Faster Loading, Credit To Naeem.
  • 04/11/09 [Bariski] -Sexy Bookmarks Added, Thanks To Naeem.
  • 03/30/09 [Bariski] – New Banner + Logo, thanks to Tony. Also changed the code and quote view.
  • 03/21/09 [Bariski] – New domain TutZone used and Announced!
  • 03/12/09 [Bariski, Fernendo, Naeem] – Almost a new look, waiting for shift to custom domain to announce it large sengihnampakgigi
  • 02/07/09 [Bariski] – Visually Enhanced The Theme.
  • 02/02/09 [Bariski] – Changed Favicon.
  • 01/28/09 [Bariski] – Modified Categories.
  • 01/18/09 [Bariski] – Added new modified template to run more faster and smoother.
  • 01/14/09 [Bariski] – Modified the template to do follow the comments.
  • 01/12/09 [Bariski] – Modified the theme, thanks Naeem for the design help. Also removed all the ads.
  • 11/26/08 [Bariski] – Added new theme, so few previous widgets won’t work, like read more hack etc.
  • 11/23/08 [Bariski] – Added few tweaks to make I333 load faster.
  • 11/23/08 [Bariski] – Added similar links posts hack.
  • 11/09/08 [Bariski] – Added read more hack, subscription links, Google translator.
  • 11/07/08 [Bariski] – Changed the theme again, this time black look.
  • 11/07/08 [Bariski] – Alexa rank got jumped to 7,384,213 from 10,152,301.
  • 11/01/08 [Bariski] – Submitted I333 to different search engines.
  • 10/30/08 [Bariski] – Changed the theme to a pink one.
  • 10/27/08 [Bariski] – Posted my first post.
  • 10/27/08 [Bariski] – Launched I333 over the net.

I will continue to work to the best of my ability and to the best of what the world has to offer to make this the fastest/biggest blog on the planet.

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