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Remove The Hassle To Type Full URl/Address And AutoComplete URL

Hello. Here are few shortcut keys which will remove the hassle to type in the http://www.com.net and.org. On new browsers, such as IE8 IE7 Firefox Opera Chrome and Safari, hitting Ctrl + Enter will automatically fill in

How To Make A Profile In Firefox And Manage It

Hello. After getting a unexpected feedback onIncreasing Firefox Speed Today I am telling you How To Make A New Profile In Firefox And Manage It. You can have multiple Firefox profiles, each containing a separate set of

Backup Firefox Profile And Restore It

Hello. As most of you must have been confused whether to apply this Increase Firefox Speed Hack or not. Well I have got a solution for you. This method will also come handy, if you are Formatting

Install Firefox Theme and Uninstall

Hello. I enhanced my template visually yesterday. So I thought of writing a post on How To Change A Theme Of Firefox, so that it looks kewl Yea, you may know how to install a theme in

Format A USB Pen Drive With NTFS File System

Have you ever tried formatting a USB Pen drive in NTFS Format? But must not have seen any option for this by default in XP. It allows you to only format your USB Pen Drive in FAT

How To Download Streaming Videos From Any Site

Yes this is the most common question being asked by many folks but the solution to this is least known, especially when asked how to download videos from Youtube freely. So in this simple tutorial I will

12 Tricks To Increase Your Firefox Speed By A Noticeable Amount

Firefox is a well known open source browser and is widely used around the world for it being secure, stable and fast. With this tutorial you will be able to explore the hidden speed of Firefox which

Explore with Google Easter Eggs – Hidden tricks in Google

Google Easter Eggs – Google TricksHidden Google Tricks Google makes your life easier with great search, but did you also know it’s loaded with pranks, goofs, and put-ons? I show you the best of the bunch. Go