How Can You Tell if Someone is Lying to You

Facial expressions help to determine whether a person talking to you is genuine or fake. In fact being able to distinguish lies from truth is very important in our personal and professional lives. To distinguish lie from truth, how can you tell if someone is lying. You can spot deception by observing the baseline behavior of humans. Here are some proven pointers to make sure that you detect a lie.

1. Prolonged Eye Contact

Normally people believe that liars do not make eye contact. But contrary to this popular belief a liar does not avoid eye contact. Great liars will actually look into your eyes to make it sure that you do not doubt them. Normally humans break eye contact so that they can remember. But liars deliberately make eye contact to look more sincere. Notice the eye movement if you want to judge whether a person is genuine or fake.

Prolonged Eye Contact

2. Continuously Touching Nose and Mouth

Lairs generally tend to touch their nose and mouth more frequently as they are uncomfortable. A fake person is more likely to cover his face with hands as the mouth appears tense. While on the other hand a genuine person will look more focused.

Continuously Touching Nose and Mouth

3. Listen to the Voice Pitch

Listen very closely to the pitch of their voice. A persons voice can be a good lie detector. Lairs tend to change their tone to look more confident. If a person is changing his tone and making it higher or lower than normal, indicates that there is something suspicious. Also pay attention to the speed at which a person is talking to you.

Listen to the Voice Pitch

4. Guilty Will be Defensive

An honest person does not feel the need to defend himself because he is saying truth. Contrary to this, a lair will be defensive whenever you ask him a question. So, the reaction of a person helps to determine whether a person is fake or genuine.

 Guilty Will be Defensive

5. Liars Tend to Fidget

Fidgeting results from nervous energy produced by the fear of being caught. Lairs either fidget with their body or with the objects lying around them. They play around with things to release negative energy. Fidgeting is also one of the signs of lying.

Liars Tend to Fidget

6. Lairs are Very Anxious

A liar normally feels anxious while talking. Try to spot his state of anxiety in order to detect his lie. Check out the body language and talk to him or her as much as you can. This will help you judge the person.

 Lairs are Very Anxious

7. Vague Stories

If a person is lying he will sound vague. There will be inconsistency in his words and speech. He will forget a word or then try to add something new. He might change a bit or completely remove whatever he has previously. Well, regardless of the type of inconsistency it shows that a person is lying.

 Vague Stories

8. Deviate From the Subject

A person who wants to hide something will avoid coming to the point. To figure out that a person is lying or not try to talk to him something related to the topic. If he is a lair he will avoid it or jump to another topic.

Deviate From the Subject

9. Look for Facial Expressions

Emotions are displayed on the face and help to determine whether a person is speaking truth or not. Take a note of the facial expressions that flash on the persons face for fraction of second and reveal the person’s true emotions. A person who is lying will have an emotion of distress, characterized by the eyebrows being drawn upwards towards the middle of the forehead, causing short lines to appear across the skin of the forehead.

Look for Facial Expressions

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