Breakfast Mistakes that Lead to Weight Gain

Are you skipping your breakfast meal to avoid calories and lose weight? It may not be a good plan as it will decrease your metabolism and retain fat in your body. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is good for weight loss. Well, it is not only important to eat in the morning but it is also important to avoid breakfast mistakes, otherwise they lead to weight gain.

1. Light Breakfast Is Not The Right Choice


Fruits or a banana is considered as the ideal choice for breakfast. There is no doubt that fruits are nutritious but they may not be a perfect breakfast material. Fruits do not fill your stomach and you look out for more calories later. Have fruits along with vegetables, milk, cereals and other healthy stuff. Stuffing your stomach in between meals will lead to weight gain. It is advisable that you have 300- 400 calories in your breakfast meal.

 2. Avoid Yogurt


Yoghurt is a very healthy food and a great source of protein. It reduces your craving for sweets, that is the reason many girls like taking yogurt as their morning meal. However sadly, yogurt does not contain any fiber. Make a point that you have fiber full cereals, whole grain toast and nuts. The fiber takes long time to digest and as a result you will not stuff in unhealthy stuff in between your meals.

3. Eating Too Late Will Not Solve Your Purpose


In the morning office rush, you normally skip your breakfast. You plan to take some light stuff on your office desk. Avoid eating too late, because it does not solve the purpose. Try to have breakfast within an hour or so after getting out of bed. It is very essential to take out at least 15 minutes for your morning meal.

4. Avoid High Calorie Cereals


Cereals are considered as the easy and best choice for breakfast. But there are many cereals which are far from nutrition and rich in calories and fats. Avoid chocolate flavored cereals even if they claim to add vitamins and minerals to your body. Crunchy and crispy cereals tend to have oil and they are rich in fats and calories. Take into consideration that you have 100% whole grain which is rich in fiber and low in saturated fat.

5. High Fat Food Is A Bad Option


Anything fried is very unhealthy option for breakfast. Even cakes, pastries and muffins contain fats and calories. Try to avoid this stuff in your morning meal by having cooked pancakes and grilled sandwiches.

6. Fresh Juice Not Canned Ones


Many people start their day by gulping down a glass of fruit juice. This is not the right choice because many fruit juices available in the market are full of sugar. A much better idea can be having fruit itself. The fruit will provide you with all essential nutrients and they also contain fiber as well.

7. Never Skip Your Breakfast


Breakfast is very important meal of the day. Even if you wake up feeling full, don’t skip your breakfast. Skipping your breakfast will make you feel weak which eventually causes fatigue.

 8. Do Not Consume Too Many Liquid Calories


You start your day with a cup of coffee. In the meanwhile you have a glass of juice and other beverages. However, in the whole process you fail to see that a lot of calories start accumulating in your body.

9. Avoid Overeating


A healthy breakfast is a good way to start your day but overindulging 800 calories or more will be too much for your body. Be aware of portion sizes by quantifying cereals, whole grains, yogurt toppings, and beverages. Take a note that your morning meal does not exceed 400- 500 calories.

10. Missing Water Is A Bad Idea


Water will keep you hydrated and you will feel full. Make water as an important beverage and consume at least 2-3 glass of water when you wake up in the morning. After breakfast make water your primary drink.

11. Skip Multiple Coffee Add-Ons


There is no reason to miss your morning coffee.It is not coffee which increases your weight, but the extra sugar, cream, syrups and ice-creams which you add to our coffee. So do not rule out your morning coffee but start subtracting these add- on one by one to make your breakfast healthy.

12. Do Not Be Inconsistent With Portions


A perfect breakfast should have all the important components high fiber, a fruit, egg, low fat milk and proteins. They should all add up to roughly 300- 400 calories. Try to be consistent with the intake of nutrients instead of focusing on a single component. Your breakfast should not add a lot of calories and fats to your body.

 13. Go For A Cup Of Green Tea



Sip a cup of green tea with your breakfast. Green tea is no only good for heart but it also help to lose weight. Green tea helps to burn calories and speed up the rate at which body should use fat. Make green tea as an important ingredient of your morning meal.

14. Consume Green Vegetables


For a normal family an ideal breakfast consist of a glass of milk, bread and some fruits. We all tend to ignore green vegetables in our breakfast. Include green vegetables like spinach, carrots and salad in your morning meal. Green vegetables are rich in iron and keep your stomach full. You can have spinach with omelet along with low fat milk. Carrots are rich in fiber so try to have vegetables in your morning breakfast.

15. Go For Healthy And Quick Breakfast


In morning office rush it becomes very difficult sometimes to take out time for breakfast. As a result you either skip your breakfast or stuff something unhealthy. There are many quick receipts for breakfast available on net. Grilling mushrooms and tomatoes is a quick and healthier way to cook. A bowl of tomatoes contains 43- 45 calories and it is very delicious as well.

16. Not Having Enough Protein Can Be Harmful


A high protein diet can give you a perfect start for the day. Proteins shakes, fish and eggs should be included in your breakfast. Even nuts and seeds are a good source of protein. If you are a vegetarian go for soy and cereals.

 17. Shun Unhealthy Recipes


Do not stick to basic recipes which are unhealthy. There is plenty of data available on internet you can be innovative by trying something healthy. If you like a certain food item, invent your own healthy version.

18. Healthy Breakfast Options


  • Carrots, spinach and green vegetables
  • High fiber food
  • Fruits instead of juice
  • Cereals , oats , sprouts
  • Brown bread
  • Low fat milk
  • Coffee without sugar and cream
  • A glass of water when you wake up
  • Whole wheat vegetable sandwich

Breakfast has been hailed as the most important meal of the day. Skipping your breakfast is one of the biggest blunders committed by many of us. Try to have a light dinner, this way you will feel hungry in the morning and will not afford to miss your dinner. It is better you have a heavy breakfast to avoid in between meals. We have mentioned some common mistakes you can have a look and we hope that you will take care and start your day in a healthy way.

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