Bonding Activities for Couples

A relationship requires constant effort to keep the flame of love always burning. People fall in and out of love in a relationship as they lack bonding activities. Bonding activities for couples are a must in a relationship, as they ensure a strong relationship. You might have witnessed couples married for 10 years or 20 years, getting separated as they could no longer find love in the relationship. These kinds of things have become a common sight in today’s world. It is very important for couples to take out time for each other. Only when they do that, will they be able to rediscover love and happiness in their relationship.


When two people fall in love, a new life sparks off. This new life, sadly, loses its charm after some time. You might have seen around you that couples who once were in deep love, now hardly see eye to eye. The reason is very simple; lack of time. The best approach towards this can be; by not taking any relation or person for granted. One needs to understand that love is a gift from God, and if one doesn’t cherish it every day, love loses its charm. This article will help you to rekindle the love you are now struggling to maintain in a relationship by simply following some bonding activities, but before that a look at some of the important things that is necessary for the growth of any relationship.

1. Time:

It is the right of the person whom you claim to love to have your time. Most people complain of missing their space after getting committed in a relationship. The only advice to them is; love cannot blossom if you don’t give it your time. It needs time to grow. No relationship on this earth can work without time and dedication.

The very first thing you need to follow some bonding activities is to take out time for your loved one. When you do that, you will see that most problems will disappear. The root cause of all the problems in a relationship is with time. You must have heard lot of couples complaining that their girlfriends, boyfriends or spouses don’t have time for them. If you want to rekindle the love, then make time for it.

2. Communication:

Communication is the most important tool to repair any damage in a relationship. A healthy communication will ensure a strong relationship. Nothing is impossible for those couples who are open to each other, those who openly discuss and share their problems. God made two people to be together, so that the burdens and problems that come in life can be shared. Two are better than one.

Give communication a lot of importance in your relationship. There is no problem that cannot be resolved by open talk. Make sure that whenever you have any kind of problem, talk openly to your partner. When you do that, you will notice that your relationship is getting stronger and the bond between you and your loved one is getting deeper.

Try following the methods below for bonding with your partner:

3. Salsa Twist:

Salsa is romantic and fun. The music is so lively that it relaxes the mind immediately. Dancing to the tunes of Spanish music with your partner will be very romantic and will give you both a chance to come closer and explore new things together. It is also a great way to unwind after work and take a break from the usual files, meetings and conferences.

Dancing releases feel-good hormones called endorphins, which make you happy and doing it with your loved one will be all the more fun. Take time out and enroll in a salsa class, you can also practice it at home together when you come back from the class.

4. A Walk to Remember:

Walking together is a great way to shed extra pounds and spend quality time with your soulmate. If you both are looking for some extra moments to increase your bonding with other, try going for long walks with each other. Wake up an hour before and go for a walk in the nearby park or the pool side near your house. The cool breeze of the morning hours with your partner will be very healthy and romantic.

5. Cooking Together:

People who eat together, stay together! If you have a time crunch and do not get quality time with your loved one, try cooking together. A long day at office can be very tiring but you both can relax by indulging in cooking together. Make your favorite dishes and eat together.

During dinner/lunch, you both can spend time talking to one another and listening to your favorite songs. You both will definitely enjoy the time together.

6. Pursue a Hobby:

Hobby is not just something done in leisure time but it is something, which relaxes. Pursuing a hobby with your partner will help you to relax and to spend good quality time with each other. It could be anything like playing a music instrument, reading, painting etc. If you both are health freaks, joining yoga class together will be great fun.

Pursuing a hobby together not only bonds a couple together but also gives them recreation and a chance to break the monotony of everyday life.

7. Play Sports:

If there was a sport, that you used to play in school or college time and have lost touch with it, now is the time to pursue it again. Engage in some sport of your choice with your partner, it will not only bond you both but will also keep you healthy and active.

It could be any sport of your choice like badminton, swimming, golf or hockey. Playing a sport together will give you time to be with each other and also a chance to know each other better.

8. Candle-Light Dinner:

There is nothing more romantic than a candle-light dinner. A dinner is not just about eating together but also talking and sharing romantic moments with each other. Plan a candle-light dinner with your better half once a week and you will see a positive change in your relationship. The relationship will become more understanding.  You both can cook your favorite cuisine together and make your terrace, the venue for dinner. Spend a romantic evening with each other by paying light music in the background.

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